How Do You Get the Hidden Chest in the Drowned Pass Darksiders?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 25, 2022

You can get this chest when entering the zone for the first time. You can only see this chest if the gate statue allows you to see into the shadow realm for the 4 challenges (mask doesn’t work).

How do you get the chest in the drowned pass?

You can find a high and dry path that leads to this platform by swimming south a bit. Use the platform to get to the chest (Drowned Pass 4/6) with a Lifestone Shard (Lifestone Shard 6) inside! The final chest in this area is behind a crystal wall on the west side of the water.

How to get on top of building in Drowned Pass?

Defeat every enemy in the area and smash all those little fire extinguishers and they will appear between the pillars of the building indicated on the map. It’s an error.

How to get Artifact in Drowned Pass?

How do you get the chest in the crossroads in Darksiders?

A tricky fire hydrant is in the far northwest by the chest with health in it – it’s north of the subway stairs. The rest are all on the sidewalks that border the roads east of Vulgrim. Destroy them all and a short cutscene will reveal this secret chest (Crossroads 4/9) with a whopping 500 souls inside!

Where is the hollows located in Darksiders?

Look for a walkthrough on the right with a chest (The Hollows Access Tunnel 1/2) at the base to collect some souls. At the end of the stream, you’ll find another chest (The Hollows Access Tunnel 2/2) in the cul-de-sac of a hallway with more souls inside. Keep going up the stairs and you will soon reach The Hollows.

Who is wicked K?

Little things. According to Vigil Games general manager David Adams, Wicked Killington was a character that the designers had in mind for two years. He is a caricature of Vigil’s British contingent and was only added to the game in the last month of programming as an in-game joke.

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How do I get the crossroads artifact in Darksiders?

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