How Do You Get the Elephant Token in Lost Legacy?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 28, 2022

Climb to the top of the structure just above the well cap and head out onto the beam you find. Next, hold on to it with your rope and jump from the opposite side of the beam. This will remove the stone cap and you can climb down into the well where you will find a token.

How do you get to the monkeys in uncharted Lost Legacy?

Once you have all 11 tokens in your pocket, head back to the White Monkey Temple and feed them all into the map behind the ruby ​​to earn your prize. You should also go through the newly opened door to the right and meet the monkeys.

How many chapters are in Lost Legacy?

Uncharted 4 has 22 chapters, while Lost Legacy has nine chapters – it was more of an expansion than a full game, which is why it’s so much shorter

How do you use the map in uncharted Lost Legacy?

Will there be a uncharted 5?

Uncharted 5 release date

While it is likely that the game will be in development, its release date remains unclear. Video game development takes a long time. And if we assume that Sony Bend started manufacturing in late 2020, we could still be 3 or 4 years away from seeing it for the first time.

Is Nathan Drake in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy?

It may be difficult for gamers to imagine a main Uncharted game without Nathan Drake, but Lost Legacy shows that the series doesn’t need him. Nathan Drake may be the legendary protagonist of the Uncharted series, but Uncharted: Lost Legacy shows that future installments don’t need him to succeed.

Will there be uncharted 6?

Andy Robinson. The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection release date has been pushed to the 20th. June 2022 set. That’s according to an updated release date feature on the Epic Games Store, which appears to have been revamped this weekend to accommodate PlayStation’s two-game collection.

What does the Queen’s Ruby do?

The Queen’s Ruby emits a sound (from your controller) and vibrates when you approach a treasure. Its function can be switched on and off in the options menu. Use the ruby ​​along with our guides to make finding all the treasures much, much easier.

How do you get the token by the tower uncharted Lost Legacy?

Hoysala Token 1

Go to this location, then up the stairs and into the White Monkey Temple. Interact with the pedestal to fill your card with the Hoysala Token update locations. A side door will then open, revealing the first token that you can collect and place in the socket.

How do you use the grappling hook in uncharted Lost Legacy?

As mentioned above, the grappling hook is an incredibly useful and well-used tool throughout the game. Use L1 to attach the hook to things like tree branches sticking out of things like walls and cliffs, which are usually marked with white rope tied around them to indicate a rope swing opportunity.

What happens if you beat Elena’s score in Uncharted 4?

You cannot beat Elena’s score as the epilogue gives you an extra life (and points). So playing the epilogue gives you an edge over Elena’s version. Deleting it will earn you an achievement.

Are the places in Uncharted real?

Madagascar. Yet another Uncharted 4 location that doesn’t actually exist, there’s no city like King’s Bay in Madagascar. But King’s Bay is based on Madagascar’s actual capital, Antananarivo, although thankfully it wasn’t destroyed in a monumental car chase.

Is Uncharted on Nintendo switch?

Uncharted Tides: Port Royal for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Official Site.

Is Chloe in Uncharted 4?

Chloe does not appear in the main story of Uncharted 4, but during the game’s opening events she is shown to have sent a message to Nathan saying she will be available when he should ever go treasure hunting again. It can also be played as in multiplayer.



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