How Do You Get the Dagger of Absolution in Wizard101?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 29, 2022

How do you complete the razor’s edge quest?

Where can you find black coal in wizard101?

Go to the Reagent Vendor in Old Town. He sells hard coal and it’s very cheap. He also has the sapphires. Sometimes you can also find hard coal at the bazaar.

How do you get a crafting station in wizard101?

You can get your first crafting station by completing quests for Eudora Tangletree in Wizard City Olde Town. When you get your crafting station, place it in your dorm or castle. If you have an available crafting slot, a recipe, and the necessary reagents, you can start crafting!

Where do I get the ring of insight recipe?

Buy the recipe from Wul’yahm by pressing “X” on your keyboard when you are near him. There will be a recipe shop option. Look for the item called Ring of Insight and click Buy. Press “J” on your keyboard.

Can you craft Ratatoskr?

Re: Ratatoskr’s Spin crafting

You can use the Transmute Iron recipe available from the Northguard Card Recipe Vendor. Only 10 pyrites and 1 opal are required. The reagent is also available as a drop from all noble flowering plants and also Ultra Dandelion. The 150 agave nectar is ridiculous, I agree.

How do you farm Ratatoskr’s spin?

How do you get Ghost on Fire?

Subject: Spirit Fire

You must buy Spirit Fire from the Reagent Vendors on Mooshu or Dragonspyre.

What is the highest crafting level in wizard101?

Where can I buy diamond wiz101?

An easy way to get diamonds is to use the Diamond Transmute recipe, which you can get from Felicia Worthington in the northwest area of ​​Reagents Square. (There are many other vendors, but this is the lowest rank in the world to get it.) It only consumes 15 ores, which is pretty good since ores are very easy to find.

How do you get polymorph treant?

Transmuted Treant Treasure Map

You can buy it from the Archivist in the District of Stars, Celestia. They can also be harvested from plants such as Moon Flowers, Red Grapes of Wrath, and Sour Fickle Pickles.

How do you make a seal of Seraphim?

You cannot craft the Seal of the Seraphim at the basic crafting table. It requires the Gear Crafting Station. If you need to buy the new crafting station, you can buy it from one of the furniture vendors in the spiral (closest: Zhi Lan in the furniture shop in the Jade Palace). Then talk to Toshio.

Where can I get a simple vial in wizard101?

Re: Plain Vial

Plain Vials are sold by the Reagent Vendors next to Wul’Yahm in Krokotopia. After Krokotopia, basic flasks are sold by the reagent vendors next to the recipe vendors.

How do you get parchment in wizard101?

Plant this pink dandelion and you will receive many of the basic crafting reagents you need from harvesting the plants. Parchment can be found pretty much everywhere in Krokotopia. Just look for it on the ground, it looks like a stack of paper with particles rising out of it. Good luck!

What are the chances of getting a spell from the loremaster?

Athina has calculated that the chance of getting a normal trainer spell is about every 70 fights, while seasonal spells last less than 20 fights.

How do you get Spellements?

How do you get Grizzleheim spells?

The first spells will be awarded when we reach level 35 and have completed a quest to Mirkholm Castle in Grizzleheim. To activate the magic quest, visit Old Town in Wizard City and talk to Baldur Goldpaws. You will talk to other NPCs, defeat some bosses and collect your reward: Balance: Elemental and Spirit Defuses.

What is in the Grizzleheim lore pack?

The Grizzleheim Lore Pack is here, giving your wizard a chance to acquire new spells! There’s also a chance to get other cool new items, including: Three new armor sets, including Odin’s outfit set. Three new spear weapons, including Odin’s Gungnir weapon.



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