How Do You Get the Bomb Bag in Ocarina of Time?

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The first Bomb Bag can be purchased from Barnes in Kakariko Village for 120 Rupees. The other two are obtained by completing Iza’s Fast Ride and rescuing a Goron trapped underwater in Zora’s Realm.

Where can I get a Bomb Bag?

Location of All Bomb Bags

There is only one location where players can find the base’s bomb bags. Players must first get to the Earth Temple and look into the mini-boss room in Skyward Sword. Players will fight two Lizalfos in this room, and then a treasure chest will appear. Inside is the basic bomb pouch.

Why can’t I buy bombs in Ocarina of Time?

Link cannot purchase bombs until he acquires a bomb bag from Dodongo’s Lair. Link also cannot purchase the Goron Tunic as a child. As such, the items Link can purchase are limited to Recovery Hearts and a Red Potion.

How do you get bombs in Dodongo’s Cavern?

Through the door there are more firing platforms to cross and more eyes to shoot: the eye up and straight ahead and a second one in the alcove on the left wall. Go over and cross to the other side. Open the treasure chest on the right to get the bomb bag, which can hold 20 bombs.

How do you get a Bomb Bag in Spirit Tracks?

What: Complete the second round of the Castle Town Endurance Challenge for the biggest bag of bombs. The upgraded bag contains 30 bombs.

Where can I get bombs in Ocarina of Time?

In Ocarina of Time, bombs can be obtained in objects by defeating enemies or by purchasing them from the Goron Shop in Goron City. Here Link can buy 5 bombs for 25 rupees, 10 bombs for 50 rupees or 20 bombs for 80 rupees.

How do you get a bigger bomb bag?

Once you save the old lady from the thief at midnight on the first day, you can buy a larger bomb bag for 90 rupees from this bomb shop in West Clock Town. To complete the quest, visit the Business Scrub in the Goron Village and buy the Largest Bomb Bag for 200 rupees and the Larger Bomb Bag.

How do you get 12 bombs in Zelda?

Use a bomb to blast a hole in the wall on the right. The old man will sell you a bomb upgrade for 100 rupees. Go They have the rupees to make the purchase and this allows Link to hold twelve bombs instead of eight, which is incredibly helpful.

How do I stop my Darunia son?

Goron Link is a member of the Goron race and the son of the Goron patriarch Darunia. Goron Link first rolls around Goron City on Death Mountain. If you put a bomb or Bombchu in his way, he will stop and assume you are one of Ganondorf’s men.

How do you open the adult Goron Shop?

Ocarina of Time

However, the shop is initially sealed off by a wall that Link can open by using a nearby Bomb Flower. Once Link returns to Goron City as an adult, the shop will close again and will only open after Link stops and talks to Darunia’s son.

Can you beat Dodongo’s Cavern without slingshot?

Go past circles of flame without using a slingshot

Using a series of precise jumps and alignments, it’s possible to vault over all of the circles of flame platforms without having to flip the eye switches to put out the flames.

How do you get the biggest Bomb Bag in Ocarina of Time 3d?

Ocarina of Time

The Largest Bomb Bag can either be obtained by stopping the Hot Rodder Goron’s wild rolling under the big overhang in Goron City, or as a reward in the Bombchu Bowling Alley as one of five prizes. Link can store up to 40 bombs in the largest bomb bag.

What do I do with the skull mask in Ocarina of Time?

Keaton Mask: Give this mask to the guard standing near the Death Mountain path in Kakariko Village and return to the Happy Mask Shop. Skull Mask: Give it to Skull Kid, just take the first left when you enter Lost Forest. Note that you can also get Skull Kid’s Heart Piece by playing Saria’s Song.

How do you get a Bomb Bag in Phantom Hourglass?

According to, you can get it by either finding it in a treasure chest in the Goron Island Dungeon or by completing the cannon minigame on Dee Ess Island in 35 seconds or less. There is also a shop selling it at Goron Island Store for 1000 rupees.

How do you use a Bomb Bag?



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