How Do You Get the Blue Bell in Harvest Moon Animal Parade 4?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 16, 2022

The gate to the aqueduct is on the level between the Sorcerer’s House and the Choir Clinic. Use the key on the gate to open it. In the water cave is you I will find the blue bell on its pedestal!

How do you get the last bell in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

You have to fill in all 10 markers on the wall, so you have to listen to 10 people’s wishes. When you’re done filling in the dots on the mural, return to Edge and talk to him. Now he’s so happy he’s still crying! Once the Purple Bell rings, return to the Goddess’ Pool.

How do you ring the bells in animal parade?

The bells can only ring between 6am and 6pm on sunny days! Each bell is protected by a Harvest Sprite that needs you to run an errand before the bell can ring. Your main task in the game is to collect the 5 missing bells and make them ring in unison.

How do you get the duck egg in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

You cannot buy a decent duck egg until the ranch is upgraded to level 2. When you incubate an egg, it takes 7 days for it to hatch. Until a chick or duckling grows up, you need to wait another 7 days. You must feed your chick or duckling every day!

How do you unlock Phoebe in animal parade?

Phoebe must be unlocked by ringing the red bell for her to appear in game, and ringing the yellow bell for Calvin to appear in your game.

How do you ring the Blue Bell in Harvest Moon?

The Aqueduct Gate is on the level between the Sorcerer’s House and the Choral Clinic. Use the key on the gate to open it. In the water cave, you’ll find the Blue Bell on its pedestal! Ask Ben to ring his bell, but no matter how hard he asks, the bell doesn’t ring.

How do you get the yellow bell in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

You can find the Yellow Bell when you walk from your farm to the beach in your farmland, just south of the bridge leading to the Flute Fields. You both discover the bell half buried in the sand.

How do you get red bell in Harvest Moon?

Just find the ore by smashing rocks in Garmon Lower Mine and give them to Ramsey. Once all 4 pieces of ore are collected, Ramsey places them on the fire. The amount of smoke that comes out is enough to loosen the bell and it shoots up into the air.

How do you get the animal whistle in animal parade?

Owen can be found in the Garmon Lower Mine on the 10th floor below. He says that Chloe does indeed have an orange whistle, but when she blew it, a bear and a boar appeared! He took it from her because he feared for her safety. Owen will take the whistle out of his pocket and entrust it to you.

Where is the watery cave in animal parade?

The water cave is unlocked as you work on ringing Ben’s blue bell. The cave is protected by the Aqueduct Key, which you can get from Paolo while working through the steps required to ring the bell. The water cave is 50 stories deep and on the ground floor is a large pool where you can fish.

How do you get an ostrich in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

Ostriches are an animal in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. Although ostriches are a species of bird, they tend to live in the player’s barn rather than the stable. Ostriches are one of the last animals to unlock, as requires the biggest barn upgrade before it’s available for sale at Horn Ranch.

How do you upgrade your rucksack in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

You have to look around the typical “Wild Items” spots until you collect 10 of them. After collecting the materials, take them to Shelly in her shop and give them to her. It will increase the size of your backpack by 5 for a total of 20 slots.

How do you make a good cornmeal animal parade?

The wheel is just past the bridge and there is a door on the left side of the building. Once inside, you’ll find a bucket that you can use to grind various items like corn, wheat, and buckwheat. When you put your good corn in the mill, you get cornmeal.

Is Phoebe a good villager?

Phoebe treats every player with the respect you expect from your villagers. She also has a very caring nature which you will always benefit from. The personality types she gets along with are sisterly, athletic, easygoing, and peppy. She likes these villagers because they have stats similar to hers.

Can you marry the Harvest Goddess Animal Parade?

Although she has been the Harvest Goddess since the beginning of the game, she will not be marriageable until the game’s main story is completed.

Who can you marry in Harvest Moon DS?



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