How Do You Get Badges on Imvu 2019?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 14, 2022

How do you get badges on IMVU?

What does the badges mean on IMVU?

The IMVU Badges feature allows you to create badges and give them to your friends. Your favorite badges will appear next to your profile picture on the IMVU website. Badges are a great way to express yourself, show your connections to friends or groups, and are a lot of fun to share and collect.

What is the purple badge on IMVU?

The Greeter Badge appears on the profile cards of our active Greeters. It is purple in color and has the image of a waving person. The badge is a token of our appreciation for the users who help IMVU welcome new users and will not be converted into any other rewards.

How do you edit badges on IMVU?

How do you get badges?

The best and fastest way to get badges in 2K22 is to focus on the category you want to keep improving during the game. For example, if you want to unlock more finishing badges, you can try to be more greedy and try to get more points in the paint. The same applies to shooting, defense/rebound and playmaking.

What is a IMVU greeter?

Greeters are longtime IMVU members who receive a “greeter needed” message when a welcome room has users but no greeter. Clicking on this message will automatically take you to that specific room (there can be any number of copies of the three rooms).

What does H on IMVU mean?

3 years ago. This is the new host badge for those hosting Live Rooms on iOS Mobile. If you would like to further discuss this topic, please do so here:

How do you get an adult pass on IMVU?

It’s a super exciting feature available to IMVU users aged 18+. AP offers TONS of special privileges for all imaginative adults! For a one-time fee of $20 or 20,000 credits and age verification, you can unlock the door to Access Pass, an exclusive adults-only world just waiting to be discovered!

Do IMVU greeters get paid?

No, greeters are not paid. They are volunteers, just like discussion forum moderators. Greeters are simply users like you who want to help out at IMVU by welcoming new members.

What are IMVU welcome rooms?

What are welcome rooms? The Welcome Rooms are open to new users for the first few days after creating their IMVU account. Long-term users selected as greeters go into the welcome rooms, talk to the new users and make them feel welcome. I see you’re a greeter.

How do you gift a greeter on IMVU?

All you have to do is select the links of the products, click “add to gift list” and then you should be able to gift for free provided you gift users in welcome rooms! Hope this helps!

How do I hide my VIP badge on IMVU?

STEP 1: Go to and then login to your account. If you are having trouble logging in, click here. STEP 2: Click Account at the top of your IMVU page. STEP 3: Scroll down to the Avatar Card section and make sure the Disable badges on my homepage checkbox is unchecked.



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