How Do You Get All the Chinpokomon?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 5, 2022

What do you get for collecting all the Chinpokomon?

If you collect all 30 Chinpokomon, you will be rewarded with a friend request from the Chinpokomon Corporation. What is required for the “More Popular Than John Lennon” Trophy/Achievement. Along the way you will also unlock “Poco Chinpoko” (5) and “Chinpoko Loco” (15).

Where can I find all the Chinpokomon?

How do you get the Chinpokomon from Clyde’s house?

Shoe (missable in Clyde’s Tower)

Use the alien probe next to the entrance to Clyde’s Tower, reach the top of the tower and collect Shoe Chinpokomon.

How many Chinpokomon are there?

This page contains the locations of all 30 Chinpokomon in South Park: The Stick of Truth. You can collect most of them in freeplay, but you may miss some of them.

Are there missable chinpokomon?

Missable Chinpokomon

Roidrat – Sitting on the floor in the attic during The Bard quest. Beetlebot – Sits on top of some monitors after taking the Alien UFO’s white crystal-powered elevator. Shoot it to get it during the alien abduction quest.

How do I get Clyde as a friend in Stick of Truth?

Where is the chinpokomon on the alien ship?

Chinpokomon 21-30

In an open window at Token’s house – shoot it down with a ranged weapon. On a shelf in Skeeter’s Bar – shoot it down with a ranged weapon. [MISSABLE] At the top of some screens when you go to the alien ship’s cockpit during the Alien Abduction quest – shoot it down with a ranged weapon.

How do you get the chinpokomon in Butters lair?

To gain access to the Hideout, you must retrieve the Chaos Hideout Key from Butters’ room. Then you need to hit the ladder above the dumpster next to the tramp/street vendor. Once inside, head north, then east and open the storage on the far right. The chinpokomon is on top of the vent.

How do you get the chinpokomon in the sewer?

How many friends can you have in South Park Stick of Truth?

You can get 121 friends but you can only list 120. That’s because Clyde, a character you can befriend at the start of the game, will unfriend you as the story progresses. However, it is still necessary to befriend him in order to register all friends.

What does Chinpokomon mean in Japanese?

The chinpo or chinpoko element in chinpokomon is actually a vulgar Japanese word for “penis”. According to the DVD commentary, the Japanese man who repeats the “incredibly large penis” trick is based on someone the creators met in Beijing.

How do you get 100 on Stick of Truth?

Does CLyde unfriend?

The Bishop of Banff is easy to overlook. You won’t get him as your friend if you kill him. There are 121 friends, CLyde unfriends you to bring your count to 120.



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