How Do You Get a Mystic Battlestaff?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 22, 2022

To create a mystic staff, a player must bring a quarterstaff to Thormac and pay him 40,000 coins to upgrade it (less with the completion of certain Kandarin journals). Note that mystic staves only have superior melee attack bonuses and their magic bonuses remain the same as a quarterstaff.

What is the difference between smoke battlestaff and mystic smoke?

A smoke battlestaff is a smoke elemental staff that provides unlimited amounts of air and fire runes and the autocast option when equipped. It requires 30 Attack and 30 Magic to use. The mystic smokestaff is an even more powerful alternative and offers better melee and magic bonuses.

How do you get the mystic smoke staff?

This staff can be crafted after completing the Scorpion Catcher quest by bringing Thormac a smoke battle staff and 40,000. After completing the Hard Kandarin Diary and the Elite Kandarin Diary, Thormac only needs 30,000 and 20,000 respectively.

Where can I buy a mystic staff?

Mystical Staff is an item available from the Secret Shop.

How do you make a mystic fire staff?

A mystic fire staff is the second most powerful fire elemental staff after the staff of boundless fire. It requires level 40 magic to use. It offers an unlimited supply of fire runes. To create one, bring a Firestaff and 40,000 coins (27,000 after completing the difficult quests in Seers’ Village) to Thormac.

What is Mystic smoke?

Mystic Smoke is a classic magical illusion that creates the effect of smoke rising from your fingertips. The trick works by applying a small amount of mystical smoke to your finger and rubbing your fingers together creates a thin, smoke-like effect.

How long can you splash for Osrs?

After an update, splashing is still possible, but after twenty minutes the player will stop taking revenge automatically, making it impossible to splash for hours like in the past.

What do Mystic staffs do?

Mystic Staves are melee and magic combined weapons that can be used in combat and require level 40 Attack and Magic to use. They are primarily used to cast combat spells and have +2 more magic attack bonuses compared to quarterstaffs, although they also have melee attack bonuses.

How do you make a battlestaff on steam?

It can be crafted into a Mystic Steam Staff by Thormac for a fee of 40,000 coins after completing the Scorpion Catcher quest, or for 27,000 coins after completing the hard achievements in Scryers’ Village. Upgrading the staff increases its level by 10.

How do you use mystic smoke?

Product description. Rub your fingers together and voila, smoke magically appears! Looks like smoke.

How do you make a mystic wand?

It can be crafted with 2 Mystic Cloths at level 57 Crafting and 50 Runecrafting, giving 28 Crafting experience.

How do you get Mystic robes Osrs?

How do you make a Mystic Water staff Osrs?

This staff can be crafted after completing the Scorpion Catcher quest by bringing a water staff and 40,000 to Thormac. After completing the Hard Kandarin Diary and the Elite Kandarin Diary, Thormac only needs 30,000 and 20,000 respectively.

What Pokemon can learn mystical fire?

How do you make a mystic air staff in rs3?

To create one, bring an airstaff to Thormac after completing the Scorpion Catcher quest along with 40,000 coins, 27,000 after completing the hard tasks in Seers’ Village . With 85 Crafting, players can attach a Shadow Skull to the Mystic Air Staff, creating a Necromancer’s Air Staff.

How do you make a fire orb Osrs?

A Fire Orb is crafted by casting a Charge Fire Orb on an Energized Orb (requires level 63 Magic, 30 Fire Runes, 3 Cosmic Runes, and an Energized Orb). It must be cast on the Obelisk of Fire located in the Taverley Dungeon west of the Black Dragons.

What is Mystic smoke made from?

Rosin is added in small amounts to traditional linseed oil/sand joint fillers (“mastic”) used in construction. When mixed with waxes and oils, rosin is the main ingredient in mystic smoke, a gum that, when rubbed and suddenly stretched, seems to produce puffs of smoke from the fingertips.

How do you do the smoking finger trick?

Does splashing give HP XP?

Since no damage is dealt to your target, you gain no hit points from Splash.

How much XP an hour is splashing?

Splashing Magic Experience

Smashing Magic – 13.9k XP per hour.



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