How Do You Get a Bonboon in Viva Pinata?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 30, 2022

How do you tame a sour Bonboon?

To tame the Sour Bonboon, it must lose a fight against a member of the Syrupent family. [e.g. B. Syrupent, Twingersnap, Fourheads] The higher tier Piñatas have a better chance of winning, so be sure to aim a Fourheads at the Sour Bonboon if you have one.

How do you make a Cinnamonkey?

How do you attract a Buzzlegum in Viva Piñata?

Due to a bug in the original Viva Piñata, the warning for a visit from Buzzlegum states that the requirement of having enough different types of flowers in the garden was met. The actual requirement is simply having enough buttercup flowers, and other flowers do not count towards the requirements.

How do you get a two headed snake in Viva Piñata?

To create a Twingernap, connect 2 syrup ducks together and tap the resulting egg with the handle of your shovel until a green mist comes out. Once the egg hatches, it becomes a Twingersnap.

How do you get a Sarsgorilla in Viva piñata tip?

How do you attract Crowla?

Lure him by having a treat in the garden.

How do you stop Professor Pester tip?

He can be bribed not to destroy a piñata and leave instead, but if no one pays him 500 chocolate coins fast enough, he will latch on to a piñata and cannot be stopped if he has already locked it. If bribed for less than 500 coins, he will laugh and cannot be bribed again until he leaves.

How do you get a Chippopotamus?

What does Ivor do in Viva Piñata?

In Viva Piñata, Ivor first appears once you reach level 12 as “Ivor Beggar”. If you do charity and give him chocolate coins, he’ll leave you alone for a while. Once you give him 1,000 chocolate coins, Ivor will find he has enough to open his own shop in the village and become Ivor’s bargain!

How do you evolve Sparrowmint?

Feeding a Buttercup to a Sparrowmint will develop it into a Curb.

How do you turn Sparrowmint into Candary?

Feeding a Buttercup to a Sparrowmint turns it into a Kandari.

How do you get a Parmadillo?

Feeding a coconut to a fudgehog turns it into a parmadillo.

How do you make a Zumbug?

Feeding a Blackberry to a Horstachio will turn it into a Zumbug.

How do you get a Horstachio in Viva Piñata?

How do you get different Coloured Flutterscotch?

Different colored Flutterscotches can be obtained by feeding the White Flutterscotch different foods and depending on the feed, the player will receive a different variant with an entirely new color and design.

How do you cure sour Crowla?

Tame a Sour Crowla when it eats a bottle of medicine in all versions. Drinking a bottle of medicine helps a fizzy bear meet its romantic needs in Classic and Pocket Paradise.

How do you get rid of ruffians?

What happened to Stardos Viva Piñata?

Pester lured Stardos to his jungle hideout and invited him to try some. Tainted by the acid, Stardos became Dastardos and now begins smashing any diseased pinata with a stick. Jardiniero’s family knows that Stardos disappeared into the jungle, but never realized that he is Dastardos.



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