How Do You Extend a Shirt Collar?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 13, 2022

The easiest way to loosen a tight shirt collar is to use a small device called a collar extender. These extenders basically change the position of the top button of your shirt, automatically making your collar bigger.

How can I extend my collar?

How do you make a men’s shirt collar bigger?

Can shirt collar be altered?

The size (or tightness) of your shirt collar cannot really be altered as this would require major surgery on other parts of the shirt. If you need a slightly tighter or looser fit, you can move the top button a few millimeters left or right.

How do you loosen the neck of a shirt?

How do you make a shirt extender?

What are neck extenders for?

These high-quality, elasticated neck extensions give you extra breathing room in the collar of your favorite shirts. The elastic loop makes you look sharp but is also comfortable. Our best shirt extenders hide perfectly under your tie, but also blend in like a regular button.

How do you alter a collar?

How do you upsize a shirt without sewing?

How do you enlarge a shirt that is too small?

Can a tailor extend a collar?

A tailor can’t really help you. If it’s a minor adjustment, you may have moved the collar button, but more than a fraction and it will throw the button placket off center. When you tighten your tie, the collar simply bunches up. Bite the bullet and buy shirts your right size.

Can a tailor loosen a collar?

Your tailor can work with you to alter the neckline – say removing the collar from a button-down neckline or turning a crew neck into a boat neck – to offer the most flattering silhouette, or just the right amount of modesty (or lack thereof).

How do you change shirt collars?

How do you fix a tight neckline?

How do I make my neckline higher?



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