How Do You Do the Janitor Quest?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 2, 2022

How do I get to janitors office control?

Find Ahti the janitor under control

Clear the checkpoint to the right of the entrance, then use it to fast travel to the NPC power plant in the maintenance sector. Go through the double doors directly opposite the checkpoint and use the elevator to reach the caretaker’s office.

What is the janitor’s name in kindergarten?

Bob is the “nice janitor” in Kindergarten 2. The janitor from the first game despises Bob and gives the protagonist the task of killing him. When he first speaks to Bob, he introduces himself to Janitor as a friend and even offers to get Nugget out of the sewer grate.

How do you convince a janitor to clean the toilet in kindergarten?

Lily’s Mission

During cafeteria time, the protagonist asks the janitor to clean the toilet by checking this toilet and the occupied ones. The protagonist then finds a severed finger or Billy’s shoes in one of their boxes.

How do you beat Felix’s mission in kindergarten 2?

What mess kills mold?

To eradicate the mold you must destroy 6 green glowing mold balls. You can destroy these shape orbs either by using your service weapon or by shooting an object at them. Also watch out for hissing forces.

How do I get through the maze in Control?

The Ashtray Maze can be found through a door on the top level of the Central Research Area. You must cross the firebreak to reach it. Part of the story is that you activate the firebreak so you can reach the Ashtray Maze, but once you get there you can’t explore it.

How do you get rid of Buggs in kindergarten?

How do you do if you can dodge a nugget?

Purchase any soft drink from the machine. Give the soda to Ms. Applegate. Nugget is released and then he becomes a new one Dig Nugget Cave. Talk to him and give him the nuggets.

Who is nugget from kindergarten?

Nugget is a main character. He doesn’t interact with Cindy too much directly, but is aware of her boyfriend-obsessed personality and accepts Cindy’s flower as an offer of friendship from the protagonist.

How can I be neat at school?

Who keeps your school clean?

On school grounds, the school board is responsible for cleanliness, while the local community is responsible for keeping the area around the school clean and hygienic.

How is a school kept clean?

Practice everyday cleaning habits. Wipe your feet on mats before entering the school building. Dirt, pollen, and leaves can get caught by students’ feet, making floors look dirty. Help prevent this by wiping your feet before coming through the door.

How do you complete a tale of two janitors?

What happens if you microwave the cat in kindergarten 2?

As mentioned in “A Tale of Two Janitors”, she likes to drink Green Goo. They can put their cats in the microwave in the staff room, although that’s so awful. Except for a bit of dialogue with the protagonist, this does nothing..

How do you use Hitman’s potty guard?



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