How Do You Delete a Textplus Account?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 8, 2022

Log in to the email account you used to register with textPlus. Address a new email to [email protected] In your email, include your textPlus username and request account deletion. TextPlus will delete your account as soon as they receive your email.

How do I remove my email from textPlus?

  • In Inbox – Tap your device’s menu button.
  • Select Settings, then Contact Info.
  • Tap your email address if you want to remove them.
  • Select “Remove this email”
  • You will receive the following message “You can no longer receive calls or messages at this address.”

How do I delete my text free account?

  • TextFree Settings.
  • Scroll and tap Help.
  • Tap Close Account.
  • After reading the on-screen information about the Close, tap Next to close the account.
  • Select a reason why you want to close your account > tap the red “Close Account” button.

How do I recover my textPlus account?

  • Start Nextplus on your device.
  • On the login screen, select Forgot Password.
  • Enter your Nextplus username, email address, Nextplus phone number or your verified phone number associated with your account.
  • You will receive a password reset email at the email address associated with your account.
  • What is textPlus me used for?

    textPlus is a mobile application that allows our users to send and receive text messages. Many people use us instead of (or in addition to) the SMS that would otherwise be provided by Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, etc. We simply forward your messages and don’t send any ourselves.

    How do you delete a TextNow account?

    Answer: There is no way to delete your account. TextNow states that for legal reasons they cannot delete your account. It is recommended that you log into your account settings and change or delete all of your personal information, particularly your email address, which will render your information useless to you.

    How do I unregister my number from an app?

    • Open Datally on your Android phone. .
    • Tap Menu and then Settings.
    • Tap your mobile number.
    • On the screen that opens, tap Sign out number.
    • Tap Sign out.

    Can police track a texting app?

    The apps allow users to send text messages and even make calls. However, the recipient doesn’t know who is contacting them because the apps assign random phone numbers to the calls and SMS. But users cannot remain anonymous during criminal investigations. Both apps give police access to recordings.

    Can TextNow number be traced?

    But if you want to know, can you track a Textnow number or not? I have to say that based on the TextNow privacy policy, they store their users’ IP address and identity, which is verified by the phone number you use to register. So, the answer should be Yes, it is possible to track TextNow phone numbers.

    How long does a TextNow number last?

    If you call or text from your free TextNow number at least once a day, the number will remain active indefinitely. You can also purchase Lock In Number or Ad Free+, which will lock your number to your account for as long as you have the subscription.

    Why can’t I access my textPlus account?

    Some potential problems can be fixed simply by quitting textPlus completely and restarting. This includes stopping the application from running in the background to get a fresh start. You can also try logging out of your textPlus account and then logging back in, which will fix many issues.

    What is my textPlus password?

    If you forgot your password, go to and click Forgot Password. If you forgot which email address you signed up with, contact [email protected] to recover your account. Please note that your My Account credentials are different from your Nextplus app credentials.

    How do you use textPlus?

    First text 60611 and only include the textPlus username of the person you wish to contact in the message. After you receive the text message saying you can reply, reply to it with the message you want to send to that textPlus user.

    Is textPlus number permanent?

    Unfortunately, after 7 days of account inactivity, TextPlus numbers will be reclaimed by the system. You can avoid this by logging into the app before this time or by purchasing KEEP MY NUMBER in the store. You can get a new free number at any time. Was this article helpful?

    Is textPlus app safe?

    However, textPlus is one of the few reliable phone-based apps for international calls (since it lets you call a landline number in another country – you’re not making phone-to-phone calls) and signing up doesn’t come with an annual contract required.

    Is textPlus private?

    We do not share personally identifiable information, message data, or contact information with third parties without your consent, except as explained in this Privacy Policy.



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