How Do You Complete Yorha Betrayers?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 25, 2022

Some of the areas won’t have any of the YoRHa traitors, so you’ll have to scout all areas until you find the traitors. Once you find the two YoRHa units, join the fight and fight them until they fall back and escape the location.

How do you detain YoRHa betrayers?

What does YoRHa stand for?

Little things. The kanji used to write “YoRHa” in Japanese (寄葉) means “passing leaf.”

Should I hand over the chips Nier Automata?

Many players get stuck at this point because they don’t want to give up their chips. However, to continue the quest, you must return the chips whether you want to or not. You will receive the quest rewards at this point, but noticeably – the quest will remain uncompleted in your quest log.

Can you do heritage of the past as 9S?

For example, the quest “The Legacy of the Past” becomes only available during your second playthrough. This quest asks 9S to find four different relics in the desert zone and return them to a researcher trying to learn about mankind’s distant past.

What is the best weapon in NieR Automata?

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