How Do You Become a Bartender in Fable 2?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 23, 2022

You must reach a certain renown before it unlocks, which roughly marks the end of the Hero of Strength quest, depending on how many side quests you have completed. The bartender jobs will appear randomly afterwards, just like logging, blacksmithing, and bounty hunting.

Can you become queen in Fable 2?

Monarch comes from ancient Greek and means “only ruler”. The title “King” or “Queen” can be earned in Fable II by purchasing all properties in Albion.

What jobs are there in Fable 2?

In Fable II, these jobs can be found in different cities around the world and include smithing, wood chopping, and bounty hunting to name a few. In Fable III, these jobs include: Cake Making, Luteman, and Blacksmith.

Is it better to be good or evil Fable 2?

Being good will give you blue eyes, a smile with pristine white teeth, blonde hair, and a halo. Being evil will give you black hair, red eyes, rotten teeth, and horns . These appearances may vary slightly in Fable II depending on the purity scale.

Can you have more than one wife in Fable 2?

In Fable II players could have multiple spouses but it was best if you kept one spouse in each city otherwise they would find out about each other and become jealous.

Where can I bartend in Fable 2?

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