How Do You Beat the Monster in Uncharted 2?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 2, 2022

How do you beat the monsters in Uncharted 2?

If you can target his eyes, if you land a successful shot or two in his eye he will drop you and you can end the fight. The Yeti is incredibly resilient, but after a series of successful shots, it will fall and be defeated.

What is the creature in Uncharted 2?

The Shambhala Guardians are a hostile faction in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. They were humans who transformed when they ingested the resin/sap of the tree of life. Your task is to stop anyone who enters or comes close to the lost city of Shambhala.

How do you beat the Guardians in Uncharted 2?

UNCHARTED 2 – Shambhala Guardians EASY KILL on Crushing difficulty. You just have to kill the one purple guy instantly to get his crossbow and the other one should only last two shots with it.

How do you beat the Tree of Life in Uncharted 2?

What are the monsters in Uncharted?

Enemies. The descendants are a species of humanoids that live on the hidden island in Drake’s Fortune. As their name suggests, they are the descendants of the Spanish colonists who retrieved the treasure of El Dorado from the Amazon rainforest.

Which Uncharted game is the longest?

The last game in the series so far, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is also the longest game in the series to date and was released in 2016. The player controls an elderly Drake who comes out of retirement to find Henry Avery’s treasure. The main story takes an average of 15 hours to play through.

Are there zombies in Uncharted?

Uncharted games are not designed for the shooting, which usually comes in waves and is punctuated by bosses, but for the characters, the adventures, the puzzles, the treasures, and the weird magical elements that are prevalent throughout. There are also zombies, I love zombies.

Do I need to play Uncharted 2 before 3?

No. Apart from a little character development, you won’t be missing much. However, after you’ve played 3, you won’t particularly care about 1 or possibly 2. Every game was way better than the last.

How long is Uncharted 2?

If you focus on the main objectives, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is about 10½ hours long. If you are a gamer who aspires to see all aspects of the game, you will probably spend around 21.5 hours to 100% complete it.

How do you beat the Yeti in Uncharted 2?

How do you beat Broken Paradise in Uncharted 2?

As usual, you can engage in this battle as you wish. You can try sneaking up behind one, two or more of these guys and stealthily kill them, but we actually recommend throwing a grenade in the middle of them to directly damage or kill them all, and then start the firefight from there.

Is there gonna be an uncharted 5?

Uncharted 5 release date

While it is likely that the game will be in development, its release date remains unclear. Video game development takes a long time. And if we assume that Sony Bend started manufacturing in late 2020, we could still be 3 or 4 years away from seeing it for the first time.

How do you save Chloe in Uncharted 2?

After the cutscene ends, Shambhala will start to collapse and you will have to run across a collapsing bridge to reach Chloe and Elena. Once crossed, a guard will sneak up on Chloe and you must shoot him quickly to save her. After that, the final cutscene will play and you’ve won the game.

How many chapters has Uncharted 2?

While situations like hanging off the edge of cliffs are predictable, the quality of the game’s execution makes these scenes very fun, and that’s what makes Uncharted 2 such a pleasure to play. The game is 26 chapters long, but there’s never a dull moment in this blockbuster movie, um, game.



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