How Do You Beat the Boss in Traverse Town?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 1, 2022

Run towards him and attack him while he charges his energy ball, then run away from him as fast as you can. Just repeat this tactic and you could win. It’s not necessary to defeat him, but it will allow you to get more items later in the game.

How do you beat the first boss in Kingdom Hearts?

How do you lock the keyhole in Traverse Town?

The keyhole is in a well near the entrance to the First Ward. As the player approaches the keyhole, he/she must fight against protective armor and enemy armor before he/she can seal it. There is a Trinity sign in the store. You can access it by using Thunder on the broken cables in the Third District.

How do you fight the opposite armor?

Opposite Armor uses all of Guard Armor’s tricks, so you should be familiar with whirling and stomping attacks. Avoid them and attack during cooldown. Start by taking out the gauntlets as they have the least HP and thereby greatly reduce stress, followed by the Hammerlegs.

Can you beat Leon Kingdom Hearts?

Squall (or Leon as he is called in kh) is a miniboss in Traverse Town. In the cutscene, Sora loses to him anyway, but you can actually win the fight against him in game. I believe you will get an item for winning, but you don’t have to win to continue. Yes, I hit him.

What level should I be to beat Kingdom Hearts?

Speaking of numbers, just for a moment, it’s best to reach End of the World by level 50 or just a bit more. If the party needs to get a little tougher, fight in Traverse Town or the Coliseum, where the Hades Cup is currently taking place.

How do you beat Kurt Zisa?

If you have Aerora or Aeroga, you can deal more damage to Kurt if the shield is also in range of Kurt’s hands or head. Another strategy to quickly overcome his shield mode is to summon either Mushu, Genie, or Dumbo. Then use Water, Fire, or Showtime to pierce Kurt Zisa’s shield.< /p>

What does using Thunder in Traverse Town do?

Aim at it and cast the Thunder spell to turn on the power in the district. Then go to the door and open the keyhole and you have a door from the 1st district to the 3rd district.

Who does Sora meet in Traverse Town?

Sora and Riku arrive in the sleeping city of Traverse at the start of their Mastery Trial, but they are separated into two separate but interconnected iterations of the city. You will meet the former residents of Shibuya who continue to play the Reaper’s Game despite being separated from their partners.

How do you get the red Trinity in Traverse Town?

Is opposite armor optional?

Opposite Armor is not an optional boss and Aero has nothing to do with the reason for fighting him, it’s just a nice reward. To unlock Hollow Bastion you need 2 Navi-G parts. You get one when you seal the Neverland Keyhole and one when you seal the Traverse Town Keyhole (which happens after defeating Opposite Armor).

How do you beat the guard armor in Kingdom Hearts?

The Guardian Armor is extremely resistant to all forms of magic, so use melee attacks to overcome it. Jump and attack its head, then move away when it starts marching and slam the ground, then circle it to continue attacking its head.

How do you find Donald and Goofy in Traverse Town?

To get to the Gizmo Shop walk down the path next to the hotel entrances and at the end of this path is the Gizmo Shop (it’s the big building with the clock tower in the second district) . When you enter these locations, you’ll briefly see Donald and Goofy searching.

How do you beat Leon the first time?

A very useful strategy is to keep your distance and wait for Leon to fire a fireball. You can attack to distract it, deal damage, and stun Leon. You can then hit him with a combo without fear of being hit, then retreat and repeat the process.

Why does squall go by Leon?

Squall takes on the name Leon as an alias because he was ashamed of not protecting those he loved from the Heartless when his homeworld, the Radiant Garden, was consumed by darkness. His role in Kingdom Hearts is to guide the protagonist Sora in his fight against the Heartless.

Is yuffie in Kingdom Hearts?

Yuffie is sixteen years old at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and seventeen during the events of Kingdom Hearts II.



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