How Do You Beat Sphere Break in Shinra?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 2, 2022

Shinra is the best sphere break player in the game. You have 15 rounds at 45 seconds per round to get odds of 50 to beat him. Use three sphere breaks to defeat him.

How do you win at Sphere Break?

In order to win the player must have used up a certain quota of limit coins within a certain number of rounds. If the player meets the quota before reaching the maximum number of rounds, the player wins. If they don’t reach the quota or if they run out of time, the player loses.

How do you beat shinra sphere break ffx2?

How do I get Lady Luck Dressphere?

More information. Lady Luck is a dresssphere in Final Fantasy X-2. It is obtained in Luca in either Chapter 3 or 5 by defeating Shinra at Sphere Break. It’s easier to beat Shinra in Chapter 3 since his match gets harder in Chapter 5.

Where do I get coins for Sphere Break?

What Dressphere do you get from Sphere Break?

Sphere Break Tournament is a tournament of the Sphere Break minigame introduced in Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy X-2. It takes place in Luca where the player can enter and receive the prize, the Lady Luck Dresssphere. If the player loses three times, the tournament ends.

How do you play Sphere Break with people?

How do you get a white Signet garment grid?

The White Seal Rack is obtained by challenging the woman with a dog, while the Treasure Hunt Rack can be earned while playing Shinra.

How do you play Blitzball in FFX 2?

How do you get the Samurai Dressphere?

The Samurai is a clothing sphere in Final Fantasy X-2. It is obtained in the Kilika Temple in Chapter 3 in the area before the Ifrit encounter, or in a Treasure Chest in the Temple’s Chamber of Faith in Chapter 5 if missed during Chapter 3.. p>

How do you get the Berserker Dressphere?

The Berserker is a Dresssphere in Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission. It is obtained at Lake Macalania in Chapter 3 after completing the mission to defeat fiends outside of the Travel Agency.

Where is the dark knight Dressphere?

The Dark Knight is a Dresssphere in Final Fantasy X-2, obtained in the Bevelle Underground in Chapters 2, 3, or 5 in a treasure chest at the end of the area.

When can you play Sphere Break?

Sphere Break is unlocked after completing the tutorial in Luca in Chapter 2.

How many Dresspheres are there?

There are 17 Dressspheres in the game and each one has different abilities. For example, the Black Mage Dresssphere lets you cast a variety of black magic spells, while the Gun Mage Dresssphere lets you learn enemy skills.

How do I get full throttle Dressphere?

Full Throttle is Paine’s signature showcase in Final Fantasy X-2. It is obtained by talking to Tromell four times in Chapter 1 or 2 in Macalania Woods. Since speaking with Tromell at any time is optional, this is the only one of the special dressspheres that can be overlooked.



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