How Do You Beat Seymour in Macalania Temple?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 15, 2022

Use Yuna to cast the appropriate null spell before he uses it. Repeat this until you finish the fight. Seymour is also vulnerable to Slow and Poison, both of which help quite a bit.

How do you beat Maester Seymour in FFX?

How do you beat the first Seymour battle?

shell. Using Dispel or Ixion’s Aerospark can counter Seymour’s Shell Status. The guards use Hi-Potions when hit by a physical attack, but using Rikku to steal these will prevent that action. Kimahri’s Stone Breath instantly defeats her.

How do you beat Seymour Gagazet?

It is possible to defeat Seymour just by poisoning him and using each aeon’s Overdrive. Mixing two Underdog’s Secrets (x99 can be obtained from Rin in Fahrenheit if the player has fully learned the Al Bhed language) can also exceed the damage limit.

How many times do you fight Seymour in ff10?

His name in romaji is Shīmoa. Since shī can be translated as “death”, this is probably why Seymour’s name was chosen. This is also reflected in the four times fighting, with four – or shī – being a symbol of death in Japanese.

How do you stop the Guardian guado?

Try to stop him from healing himself with Auto-Potion. Sometimes he casts Berserk on other enemies, making them stronger.

Why is Seymour guado evil?

While he is undoubtedly inherently evil, much of his wickedness stems from a sympathetic place: the trauma he suffered in childhood. The Guado believed his birth to be a heresy and he saw his mother turn into a Fayth.

How much HP does Seymour have?

What can you steal from Seymour Natus?

Seymour Natus and Master Tonberry are the only enemies from which the player can steal the rarest restoration item, Tetra Elemental.

Who voiced Seymour in FFX?

Alex Fernandez (born July 22, 1967) is an American actor. He voiced Seymour Guado in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2.

How do you beat Seymour Omnis in FFX?

Strategy. It’s a good idea to get equipment that absorbs a specific element to focus on attacking Seymour. If not applicable, use Yuna’s Nul spells on the appropriate element Seymour has. Use Auron’s Armor Break to lower Seymour’s Defense and keep attacking him.



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