How Do You Aim With a Slingshot in Bully?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 4, 2022

Question: How do I manually aim in Bully: Anniversary Edition? Answer: Double-tapping on the left side of the screen brings up the manual aiming view when equipped with a projectile that moves the camera over Jimmy’s shoulder.

How do you aim camera in Bully ps4?

Jimmy can turn the camera on anyone nearby by holding down the lock button.

Where are the pumpkins in Bully?

Don’t worry if you can’t find them all. After Halloween, any remaining pumpkins are stored in the school’s basement (you’ll explore it at the end of this chapter) and tombstones in the Spencer Shipping Industries warehouse in the Blue Skies Industrial Park (unavailable ‘until Chapter V).

How old is Jimmy Hopkins?

What happened to Gary after Bully?

Gary. After careful consideration by his parents he is committed to Happy Volts Asylum where he undergoes 3 hour daily therapy sessions and is forced to take his medication.

What happens if you smash all the pumpkins in Bully?

Pumpkins. Jack-o’-lanterns are all over campus during Halloween. If Jimmy destroys them all he will get the pumpkin mask that Lucky is wearing and a trophy for his room. If Jimmy doesn’t destroy the pumpkins, they will appear in the school’s basement and can be destroyed during or anytime after Help Gary.

How do you get the Volcano 4000 in Bully?

The Volcano 4000 is primarily used in the Halloween mission in Chapter 1 as one of the pranks that the player must complete, but can occasionally be stolen from lockers. Sometimes you can see a bully, greaser, or nerd running around campus with you, and Jimmy can take it if he catches the student before planting him.

How do you get the red ninja costume in Bully?

The Red Ninja Outfit can be obtained by completing the “The Great Prank” mission on Halloween.

Is Bully 2 Cancelled?

UPDATE January 3rd, 2022: Former Rockstar developers have confirmed that Bully 2 was initially discontinued and they have also revealed some elements of the game. As it turned out, “There was a lot of focus on the character, very deep systems to see how far we could push that and set it up alongside a GTA.”

How old is Zoe Bully?

Where is Zoe Bully?

Zoe hails from the town of Bullworth. She lives in the largest house in the Blue Skies Industrial Park, a once lovely two-story house with a porch.



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