How Do You Activate the Ancient Bowl in Forsaken Crypt?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 11, 2022

Below the word wall is a short corridor and a small room with an empty bowl. This is for “The White Phial” and requires Nurelion’s Mixture to activate. Using the mixture in the bowl will open the hidden door.

What do you do with Nurelion’s mixture?

Nurelion’s mixture is given to the Dragonborn by Nurelion during The White Vial. It must be poured into an empty cauldron in Forsaken Cave to get the white vial.

What is in the Forsaken Cave Skyrim?

This cave has a variety of loot including some gold, some iron ingots/silver ingots, jewelry, gems, alchemical ingredients. There is also an alchemy skill book called “A Game at Dinner”.

How do I start the White Phial quest?

The White Vial quest is activated by talking to Nurelion at his White Vial shop in Windhelm. Your reward is 505 gold.

How do I continue the White Phial quest?

Quick Guide[edit]

Speak to Nurelion in his Windhelm shop. Retrieve the White Vial from Forsaken Cave. Return the vial to Nurelion. Speak to his assistant Quintus Navale for your final reward.

What is The White Phial key for?

What is The White Phial?

The White Vial is an ancient relic in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim said to contain the first snow to fall from the throat of the world. Any liquid dropped into the vial is instantly boosted and purified.

Who is letter from a friend Skyrim?

A letter from a friend can be obtained before or after collecting seven Dragon Priest Masks stating that a stir was made in Labyrinthion even if no scream was used. Places where a call has been used can also be indoors, such as e.g. the player character’s house, shops, etc.

Is there a word of power at autumnwatch Tower?

At the top of the tower is a word wall with a word for the death call. When Dragon Rising is complete, a dragon will guard the word wall. Before the quest, it is guarded by a bandit chief and several other bandits.

Where is the marked for death shout in Skyrim?

Find the word wall. The Norse word wall Marked for Death is located in Forsaken Cave, west of Windhelm.

How do you open the secret door in forsaken crypt?

Below the word wall is a short corridor and a small room with an empty bowl. This is for “The White Phial” and requires Nurelion’s Mixture to activate. Using the mixture in the bowl opens the hidden door.

What happens if you read all the etched tablets?

Etched Panels

The Throat of the World as shown in the official trailer. There are ten etched tablets along the way that tell of the founding of High Hrothgar. If you read them all, you’ll get the Voice of the Sky effect.

What do you get when you find all 24 stones of Barenziah?

Reward. After completing the No Stone Unturned quest (by flipping all twenty-four stones and recovering the crown), Vex rewards the Dragonborn with the Drifter’s Passive Effect and Gain ability, which has a chance to several finding precious gems greatly increased in chests, urns, corpses etc.

Is Curalmil a dragon priest?

It has been reported that Curalmil (the final boss of Forsaken Cave) has appeared as both a draugr and a dragon priest.

What do I do with the Pantea’s Flute in Skyrim?

Reward. Returning Pantea’s Flute to her grants the Dragonborn a one point boost to all of its magical abilities (Alterance, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchantment, Illusion, and Restoration).

Can you marry Quintus Navale Skyrim?

Quintus becomes a potential spouse when you complete repairing the vial.

What happens if you drink the white phial?

Drinking the White Vial (Full) will move it to your Miscellaneous section as The White Vial (Empty). After 24 hours, the potion in the White Vial will regenerate and be drinkable again.

What do I do with Wylandriah’s soul gem?

Wylandriah’s soul stone suits a large soul, and while it cannot be removed from the Dragonborn’s inventory and is not usable for enchantments, it can be used to charge enchanted weapons by removing it if it were a regular soul gem.

Where is the white phial located?

The White Vial is an alchemy shop in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, found in the Market District of Windhelm. It is run by an Altmer named Nurelion and his apprentice Quintus Navale, who will eventually take over the business.

What do I do with Red Eagle’s Fury?

Red Eagle’s Fury can be purchased from Sundered Towers, accessible via Red Eagle Redoubt during The Legend of Red Eagle. It is dropped by the Forsworn Briarheart seated on a throne next to an altar. Once obtained, it must be taken to Rebel’s Cairn to continue the quest.



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