How Do I Use Hiresnobg on Imvu 2020?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 23, 2022

Does Hiresnobg still work on IMVU?

You can still use *hiresnobg and *hiressnap in your chatrooms and rooms – our tutorials show them in action! They are only disabled in the store to allow creators to monetize their items when users use them. Hope this helps!

How do you use Hiresnobg on IMVU?

In the room, click the chat bubble icon and type *hiressnap in the chat box. To take an image with no background, use *hiresnobg.

How do you take HD pictures on IMVU?

How do you take a picture on IMVU?

How do I download the old version of IMVU?

If you need a rollback from IMVU, check the app’s version history on Uptodown. It contains all file versions that can be downloaded from Uptodown for this app. Download IMVU Rollbacks for Android. Every version of IMVU distributed on Uptodown is completely virus free and free to download.

How do you post IRL pictures on IMVU?

How do you make your room popular on IMVU?

Add your room links and invite others to add theirs. Provide a room description or take a room photo to make it more interesting. Personally, you probably need to build your friends list and visit other rooms as well. This is how I generally get more room visitors.

How do you decorate your room on IMVU Mobile 2021?

To decorate your room, you need to do it with the 3D desktop app. Once you decorate it there, you can access it in mobile. You can also leave a comment there and/or upvote it for support.

How do you change your IMVU picture on Instagram?



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