How Do I Unlink My Bungie Account From Steam?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 11, 2022

Can I unlink my Steam account from Bungie?

To unlink the Steam account from your profile, you must go to your Settings and under Accounts & Linking, you can unlink and link linked accounts. Please note that if cross-save is enabled, you cannot unlink accounts; You must disable cross-save to unlink an account.

How do I unlink an account on Bungie?

Log in to using the authentication method that will NOT be removed. Proceed to the Settings page and click Accounts and Associations. Click Unlink next to the appropriate authentication method you want to remove..

How do I change my Bungie account on Steam?

How do I unlink cross save Destiny 2 on Steam?

To disable Cross Save, click the Disable Cross Save button at the bottom of the page. Players must authenticate all accounts before disabling cross save. This will result in a non-skippable 90-day deactivation period for any accounts previously involved in setting up Cross Save.

How do you change your Bungie name in Destiny 2 PC?

How do I contact Bungie by email?

Hi, Bungie does not have a contact email. The forums are the place to contact Bungie or get answers from the many helpful and knowledgeable forum users.

Why can I not unlink my Bungie account?

You cannot unlink an account that you are signed in with. You have several options: 1) link another platform account, e.g. PSN, Xbox or even Twitch account with your Bungie profile (under Accounts & Linking). Then sign in with that account and unlink the old Steam b>.

Are account recoveries illegal?

Account Recovery

Starting this season, participating as a buyer or seller of account recovery services could result in your account being suspended. Although we only impose bans or restrictions under certain circumstances, we strongly recommend that you never provide your account login information to any third party.

Can you merge Destiny 2 accounts?

The short answer is Yes! Players can team up with Guardians on PC, Stadia, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Can I still transfer my Destiny 2 account to Steam 2021?

Can I still transfer Destiny 2 to Steam? You can still transfer any character or Silver from other platforms like PS4 to Steam. Unfortunately no, for PC Bungie has offered a handy tool that allows you to easily transfer all your data from their website to Steam.

Can you transfer Destiny 2 accounts?

If you’re playing Destiny 2 on more than one platform, enabling cross-save will allow you to retain your progression regardless of the platform you’re playing on, meaning you’ll finally your Wardens can move, with all their loot, to another platform and jump back and forth between console and PC at will.

Can 2 destiny characters transfer to Steam?

Destiny 2 is free to play on Steam, so you don’t need to purchase the game on the new platform to switch. This deadline does not affect the broader cross-progression options. You can still move your character from consoles to Steam or vice versa. We’re just losing access to this version here.

Do I have to buy Destiny 2 again for PC Cross Save?

DLC – including expansions, annual pass and seasons – are tied to the platform you bought them with. To play this content on other platforms, you must purchase it again on these platforms.

Do I have to buy Destiny 2 DLC again for PC?

Do I have to go out and buy Beyond Light and all the old DLCs or can I buy the new DLCs? The only DLC you don’t need to buy on PC if you already own it on console are the Season Passes. Otherwise, other DLCs will not transfer according to the license agreements.

How do I turn off cross play 2 in destiny?

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