How Do I Submit to 9gag?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 28, 2022

How do I upload videos to 9GAG?

You can upload videos by selecting media on your phone/computer or pasting YouTube URLs to create a post.

How long can 9GAG videos be?

It is now ~12MB for videos.

Who is 9GAG owner?

Tech entrepreneur Ray Chan has built a successful business out of people’s waste of time. The Hong Kong businessman is the founder of 9GAG, a hugely popular online platform for sharing humorous GIFs, memes and videos.

How does 9GAG make money?

But how does 9GAG make money? 9GAG makes money by selling ads to companies that want to promote new products and services, collecting pro membership fees, accepting donations, and selling merchandise in the 9GAG store. 9GAG is a profitable, fast-growing community website.

Is 9GAG safe?

Parents need to know that 9Gag is a place for young adults to laugh, express themselves and broaden their perspectives, but not suitable or intended for children.

Where is 9GAG based?

9GAG is an online platform and social media website based in Hong Kong that allows its users to upload and share user-generated content or other content from external social media websites.



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