How Do I Stop Being a Mercenary in Mount and Blade?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 18, 2022

You must wait until the end of the month, then your mercenary contract will end and you can choose not to continue with this contract.

How do I stop being a mercenary in Mount and Blade Bannerlord?

If you wish to cancel a mercenary contract, you must either become a vassal or speak to the ruler of the kingdom and ask for his release.

How long does a mercenary contract last Warband?

Mercenary contracts last 30 days in Warband and can be extended by an additional 30 days. The contract can be extended indefinitely.

How do I stop being a mercenary?

As you said, being a mercenary is like being a vassal without the ability to get fiefs. Unfortunately your only options are to end your contract by speaking to your king and establish a -20 relationship with all nobles in the kingdom, or upgrade to a noble which has the same issue has if you want to go.

How do I leave Kingdom as mercenary in Bannerlord?

Bracket & Blade II: Bannerlord

I never realized that from the start, that’s literally what mercenaries do. no, there is no penalty, as long as you are a mercenary you can open the Kingdom tab and click leave in the top right whenever you want and no more penalties =)

How do I leave mercenary Warband?

Speak to the leader of the faction you joined, there should be an option to request release from your contract.

Should you become a vassal Bannerlord?

It’s quicker to earn the reputation you need to become a vassal when you have to fight a war on behalf of your chosen kingdom. Try to pick one that’s already at war, as you can take part in a series of battles and increase your reputation gain by larger chunks in less time.

How much renown do you need to become a mercenary Warband?

Slick Rick, in most mods you need at least some reputation before you’re offered a mercenary contract. It’s really low, like 35 or 50, so most people don’t know about it. If your reputation is lower, this may be the reason nobody offers you a contract.

How long are mercenary contracts?

How long does a mercenary contract last? One year typically, and after you reach reputation level 2 (or 3, I don’t remember) you can become a vassal. If you want to cancel a contract, you can talk to the leader again.

How do you know who is at war Bannerlord?

In the Encyclopedia -> Kingdom -> Choose the faction -> scroll down -> it tells you who they are currently at war with, including actual kingdoms and smaller factions like hired mercenary clans. Press N to open the encyclopedia. Under “Kingdoms” you will find all the information you need.

How do I become a mercenary?

How do I leave a service in Bannerlord?

How can I leave my current service without giving up my lock? Go to the Kingdoms tab and at the top right you can leave your kingdom and keep all your fiefdoms.

Do you have a backup means I can’t fix this?

“Do you have a backup?” means “I can’t fix this.” 42. “You’ll never expect this” means “I want to try something stupid.” 43.

What happens if you leave vassal Bannerlord?

Basically, the only reason to leave a faction you’ve joined and conquered lands for is to move on after training troops and earning money to start your own faction or another Join faction to keep the map balanced . Keep conquering cities or castles and asking to be granted them.

How do you leave a faction in Mount and Blade 2?

Bracket & Blade II: Bannerlord

By the way, choosing to keep fiefs puts you at odds with the faction you’re leaving. Select Kingdom and at the top right is the option. On the Kingdom tab, click Leave Kingdom.

How many mercenaries can you have in Bannerlord?

Currently it is limited to 3 and you will not get the conversation option once the limit is reached.

How do mercenary Bannerlord make money?

How do you become a vassal in Warband?

The player can become a vassal by swearing an oath to a king or by marrying into the family of one of his vassals. When an oath is sworn to a king, the king grants the vassal a fiefdom that will be the currently poorest village in the faction’s territory.

How do you get influenced as a mercenary in Bannerlord?

The bigger and harder the fight, the greater the gain in influence. Winning tournaments gains a bit of leverage. In conjunction with the Duelist perk, it is possible to gain 6 influence per tournament won. Donating troops to allied faction settlements or donating prisoners is also a way to increase influence.

How many vassals should I have Bannerlord?

About five in native. If they are from the same family and like each other, it is possible to have more. If they are good natured or sincere it may be possible to have more.



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