How Do I Spend My Coins in Trivia Crack?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 8, 2022

To exchange your coins for some power-ups, you need to go to the Trivia Crack Shop. There you can select the items you want to buy. If your wallet has the required amount or more, you’re good to go.

What are the shields for in Trivia Crack?

Like all other power-ups in Trivia Crack games, the shield has its own purpose. The shield’s purpose is to protect you from traps. So if you land on a square meant to send you back to the start, the shield will protect you.

How do you get all the answers to the rights on Trivia Crack?

How do you use diamonds in Trivia Crack?

Use the gems to expand your card collection! Gems are used to activate the card machines and collect cards. The gem counter increases with each correct answer. Once filled, a gem is earned!

How do you get unlimited lives on Trivia Crack?

Similar to Trivia Crack, things rarely come for free – so if you want extra lives, you’ll have to pay! If you’re interested in unlimited lives and are willing to pay for this feature, be sure to also check out Trivia Crack 2’s VIP membership option.

What happens if you don’t feed your pet in Trivia Crack?

You get cookies by answering questions in classic mode 🍪 Don’t forget to feed your pet or it will disappear! We want to know what name you give him? Angela Morales and 30 others like this.

Is there a hack for Trivia Crack?

Method 2: Just close the app (Android)

After answering a question incorrectly (and showing the correct answer), open the recent apps screen before selecting continue of your device to force close Trivia Crack. Open the game again and it will be as if you never answered the question.

How do you cheat at trivia?

How do you buy cards on trivia crack?

To get cards, we need gems. They can be acquired through play or in-app purchases, or there are some cards that reward gems . As we answer questions, both in challenge and classic game modes, we earn points; When we reach 50 points, a gem will be added to our account.

How do you play trivia crack?

You spin a big wheel to answer trivia questions in six categories – Entertainment, Arts, Sports, History, Science, Geography – written by other users. For each question you have 30 seconds to choose an answer from four options. As long as you answer the questions correctly, you keep playing.

How do you spin crowns on Trivia Crack?

Most players just press the spin button in the middle of the wheel, but this is for lazy, boring people. Trivia Crack fans know you can swipe the wheel to spin it yourself.

Can you get the hamster back in Trivia Crack?

There is no way to get rid of it, but you can just ignore it. To answer the question “What do pets do in Trivia Crack?”, they don’t actually do anything. You can name them, buy them clothes and give them accessories. Most importantly, feed them and keep them alive for fun!



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