How Do I Repair Powerpoint 2010?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 28, 2022

Select your version of Office 2010 and then click the “Change” button as shown in Figure 3 below. A setup window will appear as shown in Figure 4 below. Select the Repair radio button and click the Next button. The repair process will begin and may take a few minutes depending on your system configuration.

How do you fix a corrupted PowerPoint?

Open the Theme tab and click the drop-down arrow under Themes. Click Browse for Themes. Locate the original corrupted presentation and then click Apply. The slide master of the corrupted presentation will restore the original design and your presentation formatting should be back to normal.

How do I open PowerPoint repair?

How do I reset PowerPoint 2010?

Go to the Ribbon’s Home tab, find the Slides group and click the Reset button (highlighted in red in Figure 3). Alternatively, if you only need to reset the active slide, you can right-click an empty area of ​​the slide to bring up the context menu shown in Figure 4.

Why do PowerPoint files become corrupted?

PowerPoint files may become corrupted while downloading if your internet connection is unstable. Therefore, if you cannot open your downloaded PowerPoint file and you are sure that the source document is ok, please check your internet connection.

Why is my PowerPoint not working?

To fix the PowerPoint not responding issue, we can try the following: Close unused software windows or even unused file explorer windows. Save all your work and restart your computer to free up the resources. Be careful not to use large images in your presentation.

How do I open a PowerPoint that won’t open?

Right-click the file and select Properties. In the Properties dialog box, look for the Unlock button at the bottom right. If it is there, click Unblock, then click Apply, then OK to close the dialog box. Now try to open the presentation again.

How can I repair PowerPoint online for free?

Step 1 – Go to in your PC’s web browser. Click “Choose File” next to the “Upload” tab and select the PowerPoint presentation you want to repair. Step 2 – Now re-enter your email address and captcha in the provided text fields. Then press the Next Step button.

How do I reset my PowerPoint to factory settings?

How do I reset all settings in PowerPoint?

Click File > Options > Progressive. Under View, in the Open all documents using this view list, select the view that you want to set as the new default view, and then click OK.



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