How Do I Open a Bok File?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 21, 2022

If you can’t open your BOK file properly, try right-clicking or long-pressing on the file. Then click “Open with ” and select an application. You can also view a BOK file directly in the browser: simply drag and drop the file onto this browser window.

What program opens a BOK file?

Pearson Education TestGen

This program, developed by Pearson Education, can be installed on Windows and Mac operating systems.

What is file type BOK?

A BOK file is a web page created by ProStores, a web-based e-commerce platform powered by eBay. It can contain dynamic content generated from information stored in a ProStores database. Examples of filenames used by ProStores websites are StoreFront.

How do I open a .K file?



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