Uncheck the "Show notifications" box.Why do I have a Tumblr notification?If you use Tumblr to post content, turn on notifications to see who is reblogging your"/>Uncheck the "Show notifications" box.Why do I have a Tumblr notification?If you use Tumblr to post content, turn on notifications to see who is reblogging your" />

How Do I Make Tumblr Notifications Go Away?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 7, 2022

Why do I have a Tumblr notification?

If you use Tumblr to post content, turn on notifications to see who is reblogging your post and what posts they like. This can help you identify what type of content is getting the most likes from fans, so you can post about similar topics.

How do I get rid of push notifications?

How do I stop getting email notifications from Tumblr?

How do I check my notifications on Tumblr?

How do I mute a blog on Tumblr?

Navigate to the Activity tab, locate an activity line in the post that people just won’t stop reblogging from, then hold until you get the option to tap the “Mute” confirmation button .

How do I open silent notifications?

There are two ways users can receive silent push notifications on Android. Users can long press a notification to get an option to silently show notifications. Users can also enable silent notifications by going to Settings > App & Notifications > Search for App and select > Notifications and turn them off.

What happens if I disable push notifications?

Nothing will interrupt you, but all notifications will continue to appear when you pull down the blinds. On Android, you can select “Show Silently”, a similar setup. Turning off notifications won’t stop you from using the apps you love.

How do you turn off push notifications from a website?

How do I turn off push notifications on iPhone?

How do I shut off email notifications?

How do you stop getting emails from apps?

Android Gmail users:

Tap the menu button in the top left. Scroll down and tap Settings Tap an account, then turn off Notifications

How do I turn on desktop notifications for Tumblr?

Tumblr introduced mobile notifications for blog posts in July 2015, and now you can set up those notifications over the web. Hover over the avatar of a blog you follow. Then click on the person icon to bring up a menu. Click on “Get Notifications” to get sign in.

What does blocking an anon on Tumblr do?

Anonymous requests are not associated with any specific account, and blocking these requests will block the sender’s IP address.

What does the lightning bolt mean on Tumblr?

If you’re subscribed to a blog, you’ll see a small lightning bolt next to the person-shaped icon when you view that blog. To stop notifications, tap or click the person-shaped icon again and tap Stop Notifications. Unfollowing a blog will unsubscribe and stop notifications.

Does blocking someone on Tumblr hide their posts?

Blocking will not prevent someone from seeing your blog outside of their dashboard. If someone wants to see your blog, they can still go directly to your blog’s URL to see all your posts, but they won’t be able to interact with you under the blocked username.


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