How Do I Keep My Posters Rolled Up?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 23, 2022

Is it okay to keep a poster rolled up?

Leaving a poster rolled up for a long period of time can damage the ink and also makes it incredibly difficult to unroll when it comes to framing. Once your work is laid flat and ready to be stored, we recommend placing it in a flat binder, presentation binder, or portfolio.

How do you roll a poster without creasing it?

How do you store folded posters?

Re: Storing Folded Posters

If you live where paper-eating insects, silverfish, are found, you should definitely seal your posters in quality storage bags and/or a tightly sealed container .

How do you fix a folded poster?

Should you roll posters?

No frame

Slowly roll the poster from end to end. Be sure to roll it tight enough to fit your poster tube. Once your poster is rolled up, place a piece of clear tape over the open seam to keep it from unrolling.

Can I iron a poster?

Iron the poster. If the poster has severe creases, the easiest way to remove them is to iron them out. Set your iron to the lowest setting. If the iron is too hot it may damage the poster.

How do you roll up a poster board?

Roll up the poster between 2 pieces of kraft paper.

Place the poster in the center of the kraft paper, with the bottom edge under the crease. Glue another piece of kraft paper to the top of the poster, with the bottom edge in the crease, and gently roll it up.

How do I keep my posters on the wall?

How do you mount a poster?

How do you frame a rolled print?

How do you remove folds from paper?



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