How Do I Get to Ariant?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 6, 2022

How do I get to Ariant in Maplestory 2021?

How do you get to Ariant Maplestory?

Ariant was built around an oasis in the desert heat. With the theme of an Arabian city, players can get here via a ghost ride from Orbis.

How do you get from Ariant to Victoria Island?

How do I get to Orbis Maplestory 2020?

Method of Travel

Go to the Gem Temporary Airport, talk to Ace, then choose where you want to go. Go to Crossroads of Ereve, then take the Sky Ferry portal Talk to the appropriate ship NPC. Talk to Isa at the entrance to Orbis Station. You can also travel back to Orbis from any of these locations.

How do I travel m in Maplestory?

How do I get to Far East Maplestory?

How do I get to the six path Crossway?

Go to the town of Ellinia. Quick Move > Make your way to the nearest Intercontinental Station. Take the ladder down at the Victoria Tree Platform. You arrive at Six Path Crossway and can go to the interdimensional portal to achieve your goal!

How do I get to Sleepywood from Henesys?

IGN: Kaizoku. You can take black cabs (Lith Harbor, Elinia) to Sleepywood, or walk there to the right of Henesys, or walk down from Perion.

Where is Edelstein Maplestory?

Gemstone is a town taken over by the Black Wings and is near the mines. Despite the new rule, the townspeople have secretly rebelled and formed the Resistance to counter the Black Wings. Players can come here with an airship from the Victoria Tree Platform or from Orbis.

How do I get back to Victoria Island from El Nath?

Enter the train station and buy a ticket to Victoria Island from the NPC in the center. Then go all the way to the right and talk to the NPC there and ask them to go onto the platform to Elinia/Victoria Island. Keep going until you reach the ship’s boarding area.

Where is Victoria tree platform?

How do you get to Orbis PQ?

Go to the Orbis Tower entrance and enter the right portal, talk to NPC Wonky to start the PQ. Before entering if your party has 4 classes: warrior, mage, archer and thief. The party will receive a Blessing of Wonky the Fairy buff with random stats that last for 30 minutes.

Where do I train in 2021 Maplestory?

How do you get to the Ninja Castle?

Ninja Castle is an area in Zipangu that is based on Japan’s Edo period. It is accessible through the NPC Perry in the Mushroom Shrine.



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