How Do I Get the Secret Box on My 7ds?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 21, 2022

The secret box will be given to the player by mail/inbox/notification. At the top right corner of the game screen, tap the Mail button/icon -> It has a series of tabs on the left. Go to the second tab “Inbox”. Claim the Secret Box.

How do you open the one and only secret box on 7DS?

How do you spawn Bellmoth in 7DS?

Unlocked after completing [Episode 204] of the main story. Demonic Beast Bellmoth can be summoned 3 times per day by replenishing the Deathmatch gauge in boss fights. It is the main source of Bellmoth’s Core, a material used to cap heroes from level 80 to 90.

What is the code for the AoT box in 7DS?

GCDatabase – Grand Cross on Twitter: “[Global] AoT secret box code: 7DSTITAN” / Twitter.

How do I get my equipment for my 7DS?

To craft UR gear, you must go to Merlin in the Tavern and select the Engrave Gear icon. After that, you have to choose the gear you need for UR and choose the corresponding hero you want to give UR ​​gear to.

How do you enter a promo code on 7ds?

Go to the coupon registration page. ▲ Enter your Netmarble ID. ▲ Select your account’s server. ▲ Enter the special code in “Enter voucher code” and confirm.

How do you beat the new boss on 7ds?

How do you use the demonic beast in Bellmoth core?

How do you play deathmatch on 7ds?

How do you equip the one Escanor?

What is the best equipment in the 7ds Grand Cross?

In general, you will want 4-set HP and 2-set defense for your support and tank characters, and 4-set attack and 2-set defense for your damage dealers. For healers, you can also consider a 4-step attack and a 2-step recovery rate to increase their healing power.

Is Red Derieri good?

Use. PvP – Red Derieri can be used in both elite and unarmed PvP. She’s not one of the best PvP units, but she’s still pretty useful, especially when she uses her ultimate to quickly hit the enemy with a buff. Also, her bid reduces ranged skill damage by 35% in PvP.

How do you beat Omega rugal?

How do I beat Gallands nephew?

How do you beat Clayman’s Grand Cross?

How do you get the ear of Howlex?

Unlocked after completing Chapter 7 of the main story, Howlex is a demonic beast with a violent nature. It can be summoned by filling up the Deathmatch gauge in boss fights. It is the primary source of Howlex’s Ear, a material used to cap Break heroes at level 75 and above.



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