How Do I Get Broken Hero Sword?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 2, 2022

No longer drops from Frankensteins and Swamp Things and instead has a 25% (43.75% on Expert) drop from a Mothron

Mothron is a powerful flying enemy that spawns and flies through blocks during the Solar Eclipse event. It can only spawn after defeating Plantera / all three mechanical bosses. Mothron attacks by lunging at the player.

. This means that the broken hero’s sword is now only accessible after defeating all three mechanical bosses as Mothron only spawns after they are killed.

How do you get broken hero sword in Mobile?

Broken Hero Swords drop only during an eclipse from Frankensteins and Swamp Things. To increase the chance of getting one during an eclipse, use water candles and battle potions to spawn more enemies and give you more chances of a broken hero’s sword falling.

How do you get the broken hero sword in 2022?

What can the broken hero sword do?

The Broken Hero Sword is a crafting material that drops from enemies during a solar eclipse. It is used to craft powerful endgame swords such as True Night’s Edge , True Excalibur and Terra Blade.

How do you get hero sword?

  • 40 shrines completed (each shrine gives you a bright orb, and 4 shrine orbs are worth 1 heart container)
  • Defeated four divine beasts (each gives 1 heart container) and 24 shrines for the 6 remaining hearts completed.

How do you spawn a Mothron?

Mothron is a powerful flying enemy that spawns and traverses blocks during the Solar Eclipse event. It can only spawn after defeating Plantera / all three mechanical bosses.

What are the chances of getting a broken hero sword?

Broken Heroes Sword is not a 100% drop. The probability is 25% (30.94% in expert mode).

Can you get the Terra blade pre Plantera?

The Terra Blade does not need to be nerfed. 1) It is not post plantera. You can get it before Plantera. Remember that to get it you need to use a real Nightblade, a real Excalibur and another broken hero’s sword.

What is the best sword in Terraria?

If you are looking for the best sword in the game, the Zenith is for you. With basically the highest DPS in the game and the literal name Zenith, this weapon sits at the top of the food chain. While it’s debatable if it’s the best weapon in the game, it certainly is the best sword.

Where do I craft Zenith?

  • Starfury: Found on floating islands in Skyware Chests and Sky Crates.
  • The Horseman’s Blade: Drops from the Pumpkin Moon Event Boss Pumpking.
  • Star Wrath : 11% chance to be dropped by the Moon Lord.

Is broken hero sword Post Plantera?

Nintendo Switch version, can only be obtained after defeating Plantera as the Mothron can only spawn after Plantera

Can Mothron spawn before Plantera?

That’s right, he can spawn pre plantera. Also use water candles/battle potions as others have suggested and kill as quickly as possible. Originally posted by Horadrimman: Mothron is a random spawn.

How do you make a true Excalibur?

How do I get broken hero fragments?

Broken Hero Fragments are a crafting material that drops from Mothron during an Eclipse.

Is the Terra blade worth it?

Because the Terra Blade shoots projectile beams that can penetrate enemies, this melee weapon is very useful when fighting hordes of enemies or in events like the Pirate Invasion or the Mars Madness.

How do you get pre Plantera broken hero sword?


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