How Do I Find My Storm8 Id?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 24, 2022

How do I log into my storm8 account?

Open the game and tap the blue “S” icon in the top right corner to access Account Settings. Select “Sign in to a different account”, enter your ID and password that you created/written down and confirm your login. You now have access to your local progress.

How do I recover my restaurant story account?

Tap Connect to Game Center to link the current account to your Game Center ID. Once you’ve linked an account to Game Center, you can log in to Game Center on any Apple device and tap Connect to Game Center to restore your linked account to the device you’re using !

Can you change storm8 ID?

How do I change my Storm ID? You cannot change your Storm8 ID yourself, but support can help you! If you write to [email protected] they will help you to change your ID.

How do I reset my storm8 password?

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