How Do I Find My Audi Radio Code?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 7, 2022

How do I unlock my car radio without the code?

How do I get my Audi radio out of safe mode?

Press and hold the FM2 and RDS buttons simultaneously until “1000” appears on the display. Release the buttons. DO NOT press these buttons again, otherwise the radio will consider “1000” as a code.

How do I reset my Audi radio?

How do I unlock my radio?

Can I get radio code from VIN number?

If the manufacturer that built your vehicle offers an online code lookup, you will typically enter your VIN, radio serial number and contact information including phone number and email. The code can be emailed to you for your records.

How do I reset my radio after changing the battery?

How do you reset Audi MMI?

How do I get the radio code for my Audi a3?

How do I turn off the Safe Mode?

How do I enter the radio code on my Audi A4?

How do I reset my radio in my Audi A6?

For A4/A5/A6/Q5/Q7 press SETUP, BIG KNOB and the upper right soft key at the same time. For A8 it looks like you press TEL, BIG KNOB and the upper right soft key together.

How do you reset an Audi MMI 2009?

All you have to do is press the keys simultaneously: SETUP, middle knob and upper right soft key.

Why is my car radio asking for a code?

A car radio code is a short string of numbers associated with a security feature found in some head units. Its purpose is to prevent theft by rendering a stolen main unit unusable when disconnected from the battery. However, this function will also be activated if your battery is empty.

How do I hard reset my car radio?

Turn on your car, but don’t start the engine. Turn off the radio. Press and hold the radio’s power button for a few minutes until it resets.

Why does my radio not work after changing battery?

The most common reason for a car radio not working after the battery is completely discharged is that the radio has an anti-theft “function” that activates as soon as the battery power is removed . In this case, all you have to do is enter the correct car radio code and you’re back in business.



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