How Do I Change My Pixiv Id?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 27, 2022

You can change your pixiv ID on the “User settings” page. Your pixiv ID can be changed in the settings in the left menu.

How do you change your name on pixiv?

You can edit your profile page by clicking “Edit Profile” after logging in.

Where do I find my pixiv user ID?

On a profile page like the one below, the number part included in the URL is the user ID. User IDs exist for all users. If you want to verify a user ID, look at the URL for the profile page of the user you want to verify.

How do I create a pixiv ID?

An automatically generated string will be assigned as your pixiv ID when you register as a new user. The pixiv ID can be changed once for each account after registration as a new user. Become a pixiv premium user to change your ID as often as you like.

How do I change my pixiv email?

You can do this from Settings > Profile settings menu. The email address can be set under Settings > User settings menu.

Does pixiv delete accounts?

Once your account has been deleted, all your data (e.g. artworks and bookmarks you have uploaded) will be permanently deleted. It takes 2 weeks to delete an account, so you won’t be able to register a new account with the same email address during this time.

What happened to pixiv? is UP and available for us. Please check and report local outages below… The chart above shows service status activity for over the last 10 automatic checks. The blue bar shows the response time, which is better when it’s smaller.

How do I use my Pixiv ID?

How do I find an artist on Pixiv?

Enter a “-” in front of the keyword you want to exclude from the search results and click the “Search” button. Type the word OR between the keywords and then click the Search button. * Make sure you type OR using single-byte characters.

Is creating a pixiv account free?

Properties. A free membership is required to browse the site. The main concept of Pixiv is that users submit their own art illustrations, which excludes most forms of photography; creative writing may also be submitted.

How do I get a pixiv URL?

You can access it using the new URL or the existing ID number URL on your profile page. (Existing URL:○○○, where ○○○ is your Pixiv ID number.)

How do I link my pixiv to twitter?

You can also login to pixiv with Twitter authentication in the browser ( and smartphone version ( of pixiv . For users who already have Twitter accounts, this feature allows you to use only one account to use both pixiv and Twitter.

What is pixiv ID?

Your pixiv ID is the login ID you enter when you log in to pixiv. Instead of a pixiv ID, you can also use your email address for this purpose. However, this does not turn your email address into a pixiv ID. Your pixiv ID is important registration information.

Can I have multiple pixiv accounts?

Account ownership. In principle, every user may have an account of any type. In cases where it is necessary for activities when using the Services, such as B. distinguishing between artworks or names, the user is permitted to have multiple accounts, provided this does not otherwise violate these Terms of Service.

Is pixiv anonymous?

When a fan sends a request, they can check the “Request anonymously” box, which allows them to send a request without revealing their account information. If you request a work anonymously, your name will not be visible to the creator or other users.

How do I delete my pixiv account from my phone?

If you use the pixiv Sketch app.

Android: You can delete your account under “Settings”. iOS: You cannot delete your account in the app. Please do this from the desktop. If you don’t know your account information, please send us a request.

How do you delete history on pixiv?

Clear your Pixiv content history

To delete anything and everything in your Pixiv account, simply skip the form, go straight to delete mode and click “Start Delete”. . Note that deleting content is irreversible.

How do I delete likes on pixiv?

You cannot delete accidental likes. Please be careful when you click the Like button.



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