How Do I Breed a Dandelion Dragon?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 1, 2022

The Dandelion Dragon can be bred by using any two Dragons in any order that contain the Air and Plant elements in any Brood Cave.

How long does it take to breed a Dandelion Dragon?

What element is a Dandelion Dragon in dragon City?

The dandelion dragon is a common dragon with nature’s primary typing. The Dandelion Dragon can also learn Ice Moves.

What is the rarest dragon to breed in Dragonvale?

What is the strongest dragon in Dragonvale?

The Kaiju Dragon is the strongest known dragon in the whole valley.

How do you get the rainbow dragon?

The Rainbow Dragon can be bred in any Breeding Cave with any two dragons that contain at least four different elements in total.

How do you breed a double ice dragon?

How to breed the Double Ice Dragon. The Double Ice Dragon is not breedable. Future events may also come where you can win the Double Ice Dragon.

How do you breed a 100 percent Gummy dragon in 2021?

What does the laser dragon look like in dragon City?

Appearance. The appearance of the laser dragon is literally an electric dragon with a laser helmet, laser wings, and red fur instead of blue fur.

How do I make a gummy dragon?

How rare is the Double Rainbow Dragon?

The chance of getting a double Rainbow Dragon is 0.5% (1% for the island). There is nothing you can do to increase these odds.

How do I breed a triple rainbow dragon?

The Triple Rainbow Dragon can be bred using any two dragons that contain at least four total different elements in each spawn cave.

What can you breed with Nova Dragon?

The Nova Dragon can only be bred in the Cooperative Breeding Cave. The breeding pair of dragons must include the nova dragon and any other dragon.

What is the rarest dragon?

These dragons are: Celestial Dragon, Golden Dragon, and Obsidian Dragon. Don’t ask for these dragons, they are given to certain people. The sky dragon is the rarest of all dragon species. They are hard to come by and the hardest to bond with.

What is the easiest gemstone dragon to breed in Dragonvale?

What should I spend my wish on in Dragonvale?



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