How Did Wendell Contribute to the Garden?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 24, 2022

Why does Wendell get involved in the garden?

takes Wendell to the garden to prepare Kim’s lima beans. helped Ana replant Kim’s lima beans because he wanted to look forward to his future, not the past, how plants grow. Ana asked him to help her transplant the lima beans.

What does Wendell do in seedfolks?

Wendell is an older white man and one of the narrators of the novel. He works as a caretaker at a local school.

How does Wendell learn about the garden in seedfolks?

Apparently Wendell lived on a farm in Kentucky before he moved to Cleveland and started working as a school janitor, so he knows all about planting beans.

What did Wendell help repair seedfolks?

Then Ana gets so bad that she gets her neighbor Wendell to fix the beans and help them grow. And this is where it gets really interesting.

Where did Wendell grow up seedfolks?

The four tiny plants have withered. Wendell, who grew up on a farm in Kentucky, realizes it’s some kind of bean. But the girl planted the beans too soon, he says, so it’s lucky the seeds sprouted in the first place. Ana notes that the beans sprouted anyway – and now it’s up to them to save the beans.

Why might Wendell have brought a shovel home from work?

Why might Wendell have brought a shovel home from work? He bought it to make the garden grow bigger with quick paste.

What does Wendell mean by the saying and the little child shall lead them?

F. What does Wendell mean when he says “let the little child lead them”? Ana is the leader of a small group of children. The little kid was Kim and she helped Wendell see that he could make a difference too.

How does Leona help the garden in Seedfolks?

She is the person responsible for cleaning up the junk on the vacant lot. Leona takes on this task in part because she wants to grow goldenrod, which reminds her of her grandma – like many of the characters in the novel, the garden is a way for Leona to connect with her past and family .

What do the characters plant in Seedfolks?

1. Kim – Young Vietnamese girl, plants lima beans on a vacant lot to connect with her late father.

Why do you think Wendell decides to take his time when filling up the pitcher of water?

Why does Wendell take the time to fill the water jug? He gets very old and takes a while to get things done.

How old is Leona Seedfolks?

Chapter 5: Leona

How old is she? (about 40). What is her ethnicity (African American). What is your contribution? (She plants goldenrod. She gets the city to clean up the vacant lot).

What did Sam mean when he said the garden was a copy of the neighborhood?

Who says, “The garden was a copy of the neighborhood”? Explain the metaphor “A duck gives birth to a duckling, not a moose” in the Sam chapter. It means that the neighborhood has created a garden that is just like – no different – than itself.

How old is Kim from Seedfolks?

The novel’s first narrator—and the first gardener in a garden that will eventually become a thriving community garden—is Kim, a nine-year-old Vietnamese girl living in Cleveland. Kim is both the youngest child in her family and the only person in her family who did not know her father personally.

Why is Florence sad in Seedfolks?

The last narrator of Seedfolks, Florence, is an older black woman and a “watcher”. Her arthritis makes it too painful for her to bend down and grow her own vegetables, but she still enjoys watching the garden grow and supporting its efforts.

Which other character does Maricela talk to in the garden?

Maricela doesn’t like gardening; She hates getting dirty and likes or doesn’t know how to prepare the produce she grows. But a chat in the garden with another gardener, Leona, helps Maricela to accept her pregnancy.

How do Kim’s plants and the vacant lot give Wendell hope?

Through her binoculars, Ana can see that Kim’s bean plants are wilting and she asks Wendell to take care of them, which he does. This inspires Wendell to create his own garden on the vacant lot.

How many pages are in Seedfolks?

Why did Curtis plant tomatoes in the lot?

Why did Curtis plant tomatoes in the garden? To get the attention of a girl he liked because she loved tomatoes.



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