How Did I Get Free Diamonds on MSP?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 28, 2022

Diamonds is a currency on MovieStarPlanet reserved for VIPs. Diamonds can only be purchased either as part of a VIP pack or as one of the exclusive top-up packs for VIP users. In addition, Elite and Star VIP members receive a certain amount of Diamonds and StarCoins in their piggy bank every day.

Can you give away diamond items on MSP?

Diamonds were introduced to MovieStarPlanet in July 2012. You cannot gift, trade or recycle any clothing or item purchased with Diamonds.

How do you get free VIP on MovieStarPlanet?

It’s simple: you only become a VIP for free if you win the weekly contest in Movie Town. You will NOT become a VIP by changing your password or email address. You will NOT become a VIP by sharing your account with another movie star who claims they can make you a VIP.

Can you refund VIP on MSP?

Once purchases have been made on MovieStarPlanet websites (including VIP membership, StarCoins and other virtual goods, etc.), users waive their right to a money refund. Exceptions to this are at the sole discretion of MovieStarPlanet.

How do you get fame fast on MSP?

Can you sell clothes on MSP?

Due to the new MSP updates, some clothing items cannot be sold or repurchased for unknown reasons. With the June 2015 update, Moviestars can now view other people’s designs on their profile. It is not possible to sell or trade designer studio wear. New dresses, tops and bottoms were added in late 2017

How do you take clothes off on Moviestarplanet?

To recycle an item, go to your profile and open the “Recycle” tab: you can recycle as many items as you like. To recycle an item, click the pink “Recycle” button at the bottom of the item and confirm your choice.

What is a good password for MovieStarPlanet?

Your new password should contain at least 8 characters and be difficult to guess (even by your close friends). It should contain both letters and numbers.

Is it rare week on MSP?

Although Rare Week is one of the larger events on MovieStarPlanet, there is no fixed week when it occurs. Based on the past Rare Weeks release date, the event will most likely take place sometime in the fall during the months of August, September or October.

What is rare week on MSP?

Rare Week is a week when MovieStarPlanet releases old discontinued items, also known as RARES.

Will MovieStarPlanet shut down in 2020?

MovieStarPlanet could be shut down in 2020 if they don’t port the game to desktop like IMVU. This whole rumor stems from Adobe shutting down Flash Player (which MovieStarPlanet uses).

Why does MovieStarPlanet have a spending limit?

If a user’s VIP expires while in the “VIP Club” chat room or “Club VIP” section, they will remain there as a non-VIP. If a user buys too many items in the app in a week, they have a spending limit and cannot buy anything until the next week.

How do you delete your MovieStarPlanet account?

If you would like to delete your user, please log into your account on a computer and click on the help icon in the upper right corner. Then click on “My User” and select “Delete User”..

Did Pumpchkin delete her account?

Pumpchkin is a deleted user on MovieStarPlanet (USA). She was Level 101 (Lifetime Movie Star) and inactive for several years, although hackers were able to access her account for nefarious reasons, eventually leading to her account deletion in May 2020.

What does Judge mean on MSP?

Jury votes count as two jury votes. An image of all contest winners (not in categories) will be uploaded to MSP’s Twitter account from each server. Films used to have to submit certain lines to competitions.

How many VIP friends do you need to be a celeb on MovieStarPlanet?

You can earn celebrity status if you have 100 or more VIP friends. Celebrity status earns you 10% more fame than non-celebrity status.



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