How Can I See Who Has Viewed My Dropbox Folder?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 23, 2022

If more than four people viewed a file, you’ll see an icon with a number on it when you preview the file on This icon shows how many people have viewed the file. Click this icon to see everyone who has accessed the file.

How can I see who has access to my Dropbox folder?

Go to, log in to your account and you will see a list of all your folders. The Who has access column tells you how many members have access on the folder. Click on the folder and you will get a sidebar with all collaborators.

Can you see who clicked your Dropbox link?

Yes, you can. If you’re an owner or editor, you can view activity in any folder you upload. Open a folder or file and select the right arrow icon to display the Dropbox sidebar. Select Activity.

How do I see user activity on Dropbox?

To view your activity: On the desktop app, click the Dropbox icon in your system tray (Windows) or menu bar (Mac), then click the Activity tab. On the Activity tab, you can toggle between You and Shared to view your activity or your activity in shared files.

Can you see how many times a file has been viewed in Dropbox?

Note: Statistics are only available for the last 90 days and for files you own. When you view metrics for shared links, you can see how many times a file has been viewed or downloaded. If a recipient accesses your file via a direct sharing invitation, you’ll also see: Their name.

What does the green tick mean on Dropbox?

Contains both local and online-only files

A white circle with a green border and a green check mark can only appear on a folder. This means that the folder contains a mix of files and folders that are available offline or “local” and only available when you are connected to the internet, “online only.

Can Dropbox be tracked?

Corporate IT departments cannot track when an employee accesses Dropbox to share files, nor can they control which employee devices can be synced to a corporate computer. Often referred to as “shadow IT,” this practice effectively locks the IT department out of employee file-sharing activities.

Does Dropbox have a log?

The Dropbox event log allows you to view information about specific activities for individual Dropbox folders. The event log tracks when users create, delete, and restore Dropbox folders.



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