How Can I Get Migration Certificate?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 12, 2022

In order to obtain a migration certificate, students should apply to the current education authority (state agency/CBSE/ICSE) along with the attached grade sheet and school diploma. They must also pay the required fees.

What documents are needed for migration?

How can I get migration certificate in India?

What is migration fee?

The nominal fee for applying for the migration certificate or its copy is 250/-. But if someone urgently wants to issue a copy, then the fee would be an additional 500/-. Courier charges are 25/- within Delhi/New Delhi and 35/- within India.

How many days will it take to get migration certificate?

Migration certificate will be sent by registered mail after 15 full working days if the fee is paid at the university treasury. In case the fee is sent by I.P.O./bank check, the migration certificate will be issued after 15 clear working days from the date of receipt of the amount by the University.

Is migration certificate important?

Hello, Yes, a migration certificate is required to be admitted into a university as it indicates that you are migrating from your college to a university. It is also required if you completed your 10th and 12th in the same federal state as your university…

Can I take admission without migration certificate?

Admission to the degree program is not possible without a migration certificate. You must get your migration certificate from your previous school in order to be accepted into Year 11 at another school. The migration certificate is an essential certificate required for admission to the higher standard.

Does college give migration certificate?

When a student completes a course at a university, he/she receives grades, migration, character certificate, provisional degree and a certificate of completion .

Is migration certificate and TC same?

No, the migration certificate and the transfer certificate are not the same . The migration certificate is issued by the education authority or university when the student wants to enroll in another education authority to pursue higher education.

Who is migration certificate?

Migration certificate is a document issued by the relevant university or authority where one studies. It helps with admission to another institution or educational authority and is issued upon completion of the course along with other required documents.

What is written in migration certificate?

The Migration Certificate is a legal document required when the student transfers from one institution to another. It is usually given by the school or university as permission for the student to study elsewhere and continue the education or course.

What happens if I don’t submit migration certificate?

Nothing serious. You just have to write an application to the rector of the relevant university (in which you want to accept admission) stating that you have not yet received your migration certificate from the previous university (or other reasons “if any”) and get the client’s signature.



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