How Can I Get Free Gems in Cooking Fever 2020?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 3, 2022

How do you get free gems in Cooking Fever?

How do you get 3 diamonds on Cooking Fever?

You have to win double coins first, close the game immediately and then open the game again and the triple gems will appear.

How often can you win gems in Cooking Fever?

You can get 15 gems every 12 hours! Always bet 500 and don’t leave the casino before winning the gems or it will reset!

How do you do the glitch on Cooking Fever?

Can you share gems on Cooking Fever?

Unfortunately there is no option to send coins or gems to other players in the Cooking Fever game.

How many cooking fever levels are there?

Each restaurant location has 40 levels. Players must reach a certain level of experience to unlock restaurants, except for the Fast Food Court. Coins and Gems are also required to unlock new restaurants.

How do you level up fast in cooking fever?

Experience Pointsxp

Serving customers in restaurants. Upgrade kitchen and home furnishings. complete achievements. Complete restaurant tasks.

How do you get 15 gems on Cooking Fever?

How do you get gems on Cooking Fever Reddit?

Gem farming is key

(3) Full completion of three-star restaurants in each tier (minimum 12 gems per completion). At the casino, forget about the middle free video reels, just spend 500 coins (far right) for a shot at 15 gems. You get 15 gems when three single gems are aligned horizontally.

What does extra clients do in Cooking Fever?

It adds additional customers to each level upon upgrade, which increases a player’s income. This upgrade is usually the most expensive at a location. . Experience points are awarded for each upgrade of the scoreboard by a player.

How often does Cooking Fever do challenges?

Challenges usually start on Thursday and end late on Sunday. The time it begins and ends is generally 00:00 UTC. It is recommended that you complete conditions 2 and 3 around Wednesday to give you maximum time to complete the challenge.

How do you earn diamonds in cookie run?

Can you play Cooking Fever with friends?

Did you know that you can get additional gems if you invite friends to play, connect with Facebook & do you like us on facebook?



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