How Can I Call a Mobile Number in Hyderabad?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 5, 2022

First, dial 011 – the country code for the US and Canada. Next, dial 91 – the country code for India. Then key in 40 – the Hyderabad area code (landlines only). Finally, dial either the 8-digit Hyderabad landline number or the 10-digit Hyderabad mobile number.

How do I dial a number in Hyderabad?

40 is the area code of Hyderabad. If you are in India and not in the state of Telangana, you can call landlines by dialing 040 before the landline number. 040 is the STD code for Hyderabad.

How do you call a mobile phone number?

NLD mobile-to-landline dialing: To call a landline phone in another city from a mobile phone, you need to dial the NLD code ‘0’ followed by the full 10-digit landline number . So for example 0 11 1234 5678. Total digits: 11.

How do I make a phone call with a local number?

How to call the local landline with your phone. It’s easy to call a local landline number with your phone. Just put the “0” and the area code in front of the landline number you want to call.

What’s the code of Hyderabad?

What is Hyderabad city code?

How do you call a mobile phone from a landline?

To do this, you need to add the area code before the landline number on your dialer. For example, if you are using a Smart or Globe cell phone to call a PLDT landline in Metro Manila with the area code 02, you would need to dial 02 87654321.

How can I call a mobile number from PLDT landline?

Simply dial your area code and 7-digit landline number. 4. Is registration or area code required to use SMART to SMART / Talk N Text unlimited calls? No registration required.

Where can I make a phone call?



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