How Big Does a Eclipse Catfish Get?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 17, 2022

The blackout catfish is a beautiful species that is relatively easy to identify. Like most other catfish, they are larger fish, with adults growing to between 12-18 inches (30.5-45.7 cm).

What should I feed my Eclipse catfish?

How big do sun catfish get?

At a typical adult size of up to 18 inches (46 cm), it is not small by aquarium standards, but it maintains a manageable size for the large aquarium and makes an excellent aquarium mate with most other fish that are too large to be considered prey.

Do Sun catfish eat other fish?

Seemingly harmless, one might assume that the sun catfish would make an ideal community fish. However, the species is likely to prey on tankmates that are smaller than they are. In fact, a sun catfish pair will generally behave peacefully among other fish of the same size when kept in an appropriately sized aquarium.

How big is a Pictus catfish?

The average size of the pictus catfish is approximately 5 inches in length (maximum). It is very uncommon for these fish to exceed this size when fully grown, but it is possible. The quality of care and nutrition plays a large role in their size.

Where do Eclipse catfish come from?

Natural habitat

The eclipse catfish is native to southwest India in the states of Kerala and Karnataka. They live in blackwater conditions with highly turbid but slow-moving water. Sun catfish are omnivores that eat both plant and meaty food.

How big does a bullhead catfish get?

The brown bullhead grows about a foot long but can grow up to 20 inches long. Its olive or yellowish-brown body is mottled with brown or black. It has a yellowish white belly. It has smooth skin with a broad, flat head and four pairs of dark, mustache-like barbels around its mouth.

How big do Raphael catfish get?

Description and behavior

The striped raphael catfish also has tiny and curved protective spines running along its body. The maximum standard length normally reported for this species is 20–24 cm (7.9–9.4 in).

How big do bumblebee catfish get?

At a typical adult size of 6 inches (15 cm), it is a perfect bottom dweller for medium to large aquariums and an excellent tankmate for most other fish too large to be considered prey. The Asiatic bumblebee catfish is generally peaceful, although it can be territorial with other bottom dwellers.

How big can a red tail catfish get?

The tail is red, and sometimes the dorsal, ventral, and anal fins are also red. Size: This catfish can reach five feet (1.5 m) or more in length and weigh up to 180 pounds (82 kg), making it a popular game fish in its natural habitats.< /p>

How big do iridescent sharks get?

Adults up to 130 cm (4.3 ft) in length and can weigh up to 44 kg (97 lb). They have a shiny, iridescent color that gives these fish their name. However, large adults are uniformly grey. The fins are dark gray or black.

What is a gulper catfish?

Asterophysus batrachus, the gulper catfish or ogre catfish, is a species of catfish (order Siluriformes) of the family Auchenipteridae. It is native to the Rio Negro and Orinoco river basins in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela, where it is found mainly in slow-moving waters with many submerged structures.

What do shark catfish eat?

In the wild, shark catfish feed on small fish, insects, crustaceans and carrion. They are considered omnivores, but prefer meaty foods. They use their barbels to sniff out food sources and, like sharks, they are sensitive to electric fields that allow them to find food hidden under gravel.

Can I have 2 Pictus Catfish?

Pictus Catfish Keeping Together

They do well in a group of 3-4, but generally can keep up to 6 at a time; Just make sure your aquarium is big enough.

How big does a rainbow shark get?

These fish have a distinctive appearance: long, dark bodies, pointed snouts and a flat belly. Their fins are typically red/orange in color. Rainbow sharks can grow to 6 inches long when fully grown. They are highly territorial fish and tend to be aggressive toward other, smaller fish.

What fish can you put with a Pictus Catfish?

Angelfish & Discus

Angelfish are some of the most well known aquarium fish you can get and they make fantastic tank mates for Pictus Catfish. While they are medium to large sized cichlids, angelfish are very docile and have mouths far too small to do any real damage.



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