Had a Nice Time Meaning?

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A phrase typically said to the host of an event when someone is leaving. Thanks very much! We had a very nice time!

Had a nice time means?

idiom. (I am) Have a nice time.: (I am) Have fun, (I am) enjoy. idiom.

Is it correct to say nice time?

If there is a difference, a “good” time may be quieter than a “good” time. A good time is pleasant but not exciting.

When a guy say he had a nice time?

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It’s easy enough for a man to say he had a good time or it was nice to see you, but if he goes far enough to talk about it, how much he was enjoying himself or how much fun he was having, he’s not just being polite. It means he liked seeing you and would like to do it again.

What is another word for have a nice time?

How do you say had good time?

How do you tell someone to have a nice time?

If you’re wishing someone a pleasant experience, don’t omit the a article and instead say, “Have fun.” When you want to tell someone to “have good timing,” or on time then instead tell him “Be on time” or “Keep a good time.”

Have a nice time ahead meaning?

It means to anticipate or prepare for. For example, if you say, “I have homework to do next week because I don’t want to study this weekend,” plan and prepare next week’s homework in advance. In this case we can also say that you are “one step ahead” of your homework.

How do you know if a guy is serious about you?

If you tell him about a problem you have and he offers a solution, that’s his way of showing you he cares and means business. When a man takes care of a woman, he naturally wants to take care of her. He will do anything to show her that he loves her, even without saying it.

Should I tell her I had a good time?

If you had a great time on the date, tell her!

She hears it too. So if you enjoyed dating her, you should tell her. You might assume it goes without saying, but it isn’t. Girls want to hear you had a great time.

How do you tell if a man likes you?



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