Does Speed Die on Csi Miami?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 27, 2022

Speed ​​dies in the Season 3 opening episode, “Lost Son, after being mortally wounded in a shootout at a jewelry store.

Why was speed killed off on CSI: Miami?

Speed ​​had a carefree attitude towards his work which led to improper maintenance of his equipment. He once borrowed Callie’s UV light and forgot to recharge it, predictably irritating the latter character. He also apparently failed to properly maintain his sidearm, which eventually led to his death.

Who replaces speed on CSI: Miami?

After Tim Speedle (Rory Cochrane) dies in the season 3 premiere of CSI: Miami, a new CSI, played by Jonathan Togo, will take over a contract with Horatio Caine and company.


Does Eric die on CSI: Miami?

He survived and rejoined the team. Delko temporarily left the team in Season 8, but temporarily returned to the series in Delko on defense when he was consulting a defense attorney in a murder case.

Does Tim Speedle come back?

Although crime lab expert Tim Speedle (played by Rory Cochrane) died in Horatio Caine’s arms in Season 2 after taking a bullet, the character is about to have an encore. “Call it ‘The Wonder of South Beach,'” says executive producer Ann Donohue. “Good old Speedle is back.” “Spectre” Speedle is more like that.

Who Killed speed on CSI: Miami?

Death. Speed ​​dies in the Season 3 opening episode, “Lost Son”, after being mortally wounded during a shootout at a jewelry store. He and Caine prepare for a fight, but Speedle’s gun jams, giving one of the thieves an opportunity to shoot him in the chest.

What happens to Horatio’s son?

Kyle is the son of the series’ protagonist, Lieutenant Horatio Caine. He was employed as a student and assistant at a city morgue and is currently a soldier in the US Army.

Why did Ryan Wolfe get fired on CSI: Miami?

He is fired from the department after lying to Horatio about his relationship with a man he owed $10,000 in poker money. Yelina Salas, private detective and former MDPD homicide detective, watches as Ryan meets the man in a remote area to pay back the money.

What season is Calleigh pregnant?

Instead, Duquesne often sits behind her desk for most of Season 9 because Procter was pregnant with their first child at the time of filming (via Access). Many TV series and films have featured stars who were pregnant during filming and whose pregnancy was therefore included in the production.

Did Wolfe shoot Horatio?

In the season 9 finale, Horatio is shot and killed by Randy North, the involuntary accomplice of convicted felon Jack Toller, who also kidnaps Horatio’s co-worker Natalia Boa Vista and sticks in the trunk of a car and pushes it off pier.

Why did Calleigh and Eric break up?

And for viewers wondering exactly when Calleigh and Eric broke up — which appears to have happened sometime in the fall of 2010 — Procter says it happened “when Emily Procter got pregnant and she could. I don’t go into the field if I haven’t actually worked for a year.

Does Boa Vista die in CSI: Miami?

In “All Fall Down,” the season 9 premiere, Natalia is the victim of a poison attack in the lab, and her survival was uncertain until the season 9 premiere. She survived thanks to Horatio’s intervention and is devastated when she unsuccessfully tried to revive Jesse, who died in the fall.

How did the last episode of CSI: Miami end?

Ryan becomes the prime suspect when a corrupt ASA is found dead in the Season 10 finale of CSI: Miami. Synopsis: Ryan regains consciousness with a bloody nose and looks over to see ASA Josh Avery lying dead on the floor next to him.

What happened to Tim Speedle in CSI: Miami?

While Speedle was distracted, a suspect mortally wounded him by shooting Speedle in the heart and chest, causing him to fall to the ground. He died moments later in Horatio’s arms, having bled to death while choking on his own blood. His death completely devastated the CSI team.

Why did Eddie Cibrian leave CSI?

According to Deadline, Eddie Cibrian’s option was not considered after his first and only season on the show. Her sources said the decision to let him go was to do with the intention of the show focusing on a core group of characters.

What happened to Kim Delaney CSI: Miami?

Kim Delaney left CSI: Miami due to lack of chemistry

Despite Kim Delaney’s talent, the Emmy-winning actress was kicked out of “CSI: Miami” due to a lack of chemistry on the Screen with David Caruso and other cast members (via Entertainment Weekly).

Why did Alex Woods leave CSI: Miami?

Khandi Alexander, who played coroner Alexx Woods in the series from the beginning, left the series after the sixth season. Although she appeared in the seventh and eighth seasons of the show, Khandi left the show in part because she wanted to explore other styles of acting.

What happened to Jake on CSI: Miami?

Jake Berkeley is an ATF undercover agent whose partner Ken McCarthy, aka Billy Gault, was murdered by one of the gang members of the Crypt Kings, the gang they infiltrated. p>

Why did Valera leave CSI: Miami?

She was temporarily suspended from her duties in Season 3 due to technical errors and then reinstated in Season 4.

Does Kyle get killed on CSI: Miami?



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