Does Mad Dummy Count as a Kill?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 21, 2022

He’s incorporeal, so he can’t die. Use the mini dummies; you will not kill him. You can beat him up with his own attacks, but since you can’t hurt him, you can’t kill him or get XP.

Does the dummy count as a kill?

No. Neither dummy nor Napstablook count.

Can you kill Mad Dummy in genocide?

In the Genocide Route, Glad Dummy can be killed instantly or spared.

Does killing Mad Dummy affect pacifist?

It can only affect genocide where. Only killing a monster with the [FIGHT] command will cause you to be expelled from the Pacifist and if you don’t give Undyne the glass of water. However, since the [FIGHT] Mad Dummy option doesn’t actually deal damage, there is no way for Pacifist to fail during his encounter.

How do you not kill a Mad Dummy?

How to spare Mad Dummy in Pacifist Run? Simply barter or spare. Make sure his own attacks hit him.

Is Mad Mew Mew Mad Dummy?

Mad Mew Mew is a ghost who lives in a robot Mew Mew Kissy Cutie built by Undyne. She initially owns and serves as Undyne’s training dummy while known as Mad Dummy.

Is Mad Dummy related to Napstablook?

So Mettaton and Napstablook are definitely cousins ​​since the house is owned by Mettaton and is described as “Napstablook’s cousin’s house”. It is speculated that either the dummy from the beginning of the game or the mad dummy are also her cousins.

How do you spare Temmie?

To spare Temmie, the protagonist must talk to her or feed her Temmie Flakes. Bending at Temmie leads to her departure and is soon replaced by Aaron. Remarkably, this Aaron can be spared by bowing once instead of three times. Sparing Temmie by any method will reward yellow text in the True Pacifist credits.

Do you have to kill Napstablook for genocide?

You need to press Napstablook about four times. You can’t kill him because he’s a ghost, but he’ll end the fight at that point. Napstablook’s attacks are in the form of tears. For his first tears, which are shaky and fall straight down, stay in the lower area to give yourself enough time to avoid them.

What happens if you kill the dummy in Undertale?

Destroying the dummy does not cancel the attempt on the True Pacifist Route. When the protagonist talks to the dummy, Toriel congratulates him. Mad Dummy is angry at the “terrible” things the protagonist has said. When the protagonist fights the dummy, Toriel gently admonishes them.

Can you devour Vegetoid?

Devouring Vegetoid doesn’t seem to display the “Your HP has been depleted” message, even when it restores the protagonist’s full HP. In the demo, Vegetoid would be eaten whole and considered killed, giving EXP to the protagonist, and the dinner option is not present.

Does fleeing ruin a true pacifist run?

Will the escape screw up the pacifist run? No. Fleeing isn’t killing, so no.

How do I get to Mew Mew in Undertale?

How do you beat Undyne the undying easily?

Can you get true pacifist first run?

You can’t do a true pacifist run without at least one neutral under your belt. When you’ve spared everyone, you can reload your save and hang out with Papyrus and Undyne.

Is Mad Dummy a girl?

Mad Dummy has no confirmed gender, leaving it ambiguous and up to player interpretation. They thought about whether they would look cute as a cat or not.

What is Mew Mew kissy cutie?

Mew Mew Kissy Cutie is a fictional human anime show that follows a human girl named Mew Mew who has cat ears and is going through trials and tribulations because she has them. Mew Mew also has the power to control the minds of anyone she kisses and uses that power to solve their problems.

How do you beat Glyde?

-Rarely, Glyde will say one of his lines as if he were performing a basic attack, but then no projectiles appear. To defeat them, the protagonist must applaud them twice and then do nothing for the rest of the fight.

How do you befriend Napstablook?

Neutral route. Napstablook blocks the protagonist’s way into the ruins and pretends to be asleep by saying “Z” out loud repeatedly. If the protagonist cheers them up, Napstablook will thank the protagonist for their kindness and then leave.



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