Does Killing Rats Count as a Kill in Dishonored?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 20, 2022

A tweet from Arkane developer Harvey Smith confirmed that wolfhounds, rats, and river krusts do not count toward body total and therefore will not lock the achievement if killed.

Does killing rats do anything in Dishonored?

Rats, Hagfish and River Krust do not raise Chaos if killed. They also do not count towards detection of your character. Wolfhound kills do not count towards Chaos, but they can detect your character and will count towards that. They can also discover bodies, as well as their corpse will count towards “bodies found”.

Does killing hounds count dishonored?

Like rats, hagfish, and river krusts, wolfhounds do not count toward lethal kills in mission summaries. As such, it is possible to kill them and still achieve Clean Hands.

Does killing matter in Dishonored?

The Dishonored series takes a broader approach to death: all enemies and civilians fall into the “killable but you shouldn’t” category. Kill any character in the game, and it will raise your “chaos” level, because of the destruction that death causes through the world.

What do rats do in Dishonored?

Dishonored 2

Carrion Killer – Killing rats or bloodflies boosts Adrenaline. Gutter Feast – White rats can be eaten for Mana. Spiritual Sacrifice – Killing bloodflies or rats restores Mana.

What counts as kills in Dishonored?

Not only does a straight kill count as a lethal takedown, indirect takedowns caused by your actions do, too. You shoot an NPC directly, kill them with your sword, or cause a lethal explosion. This includes all humans as well as Nest Keepers.

What counts as detected in Dishonored?

All characters and creatures count as detecting the player character, with the exception of friendly characters, Rats, River Krust, Hagfish and Watchtowers.

Does killing weepers count as killing dishonored?

Similarly, deaths resulting from a fight between guards and weepers, or thugs, are not counted as kills.

Do River Krusts count as kills?

Killing river krusts does not generate chaos and does not count as a kill when attempting to get the Clean Hands achievement. Being attacked by river krusts does not count as “detection” when attempting to ghost a level.

Can you beat Dishonored without killing anyone?

Just like its predecessor, Dishonored 2 can be finished without the need to kill anyone. Dishonored 2 will allow players to go through it without ever killing anyone.

Does killing affect ending Dishonored?

Dishonored has two different endings depending on how you play the game. If you kill everyone you will get the evil ending (high chaos ending). If you don’t kill very many people, you will get the good ending (low chaos ending): At the good ending you’ll save Empress Emily Kaldwin.

Can you be evil in Dishonored?

The new game adds a second playable character, and once again lets players side with good (Low Chaos) or evil (High Chaos). But which side does Dishonored 2 really favor?

Does killing guards in Dishonored affect the ending?

Too many kills will result in a higher chaos level and an overall darker world, leading to the darker ending(s).

What can I do with Granny Rags?

In order for Granny Rags to be killed or rendered unconscious, her cameo must be destroyed. Despite her powers, Granny Rags is classified as a civilian, and killing her will count as a civilian kill against Corvo’s chaos. Such is even the case when she still has her cameo, and each time she is “killed” will count.

Can Emily possess a rat in Dishonored 2?

The Possession power is exclusive to Corvo, but Emily can upgrade Shadow Walk to allow passage through rat tunnels.

What is special about white rats?

Carrion Killer – Killing rats gives you some adrenaline. Rat Scent – Rats attack you only when you walk closer. Welcoming Host – Increased possession time for white rats. Gutter Feast: When Corvo eats a white rat, he regains mana. White Rat Friend: White rats are neutral towards Corvo, not hostile.



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