Does HSG Affect Ovulation?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 11, 2022

Does a hysterosalpingogram improve fertility? It is debatable whether this procedure increases fertility. Some studies show a slight increase in fertility that lasts about 3 months after a normal HSG. However, most doctors only perform HSG for diagnostic reasons.

Will HSG delay ovulation?

A: An HSG, or hysterosalpingogram, is a test to check the openness (patency) of the fallopian tubes. Although I’ve heard from many women who have had delayed or no ovulation after HSG, from a physiological point of view there is no medical explanation for HSG delaying or preventing ovulation.

Can an HSG mess up your cycle?

HSG will not induce menstruation. So if you have a full menstrual flow, develop a fever, or experience pain for more than a few days, you should talk to your doctor.

How soon after HSG can you try to conceive?

Is it safe to get pregnant right after an HSG test? In general, it’s safe to try to conceive within a few days of having an HSG. To be sure, ask your provider. A hysterosalpingogram can help your doctor identify abnormalities in your uterus or fallopian tubes that may be preventing you from conceiving.

How fertile are you after HSG?

Pregnancy chances after HSG

They found that in subfertile women with a 17% chance of conceiving in a given month (without intervention), the rate increased to 29% to 55% increases. when undergoing tubal irrigation with an oil-soluble contrast agent.

Why my period is late after HSG test?

delayed period after hsg test | health24. An HSG should not delay your period unless a uterine scratch has also been performed. I would suggest that you consult your gynecologist about this. Tubal surgery can be done if the hydrosalpinx is not severe, otherwise IVF is an option.

Does HSG unblock fallopian tubes?

The HSG procedure allows the diagnosis of about 5% of infertile couples with blocked fallopian tubes, indicating that the egg and sperm can never meet. In the past, this meant an operation to unclog the tubes.

What should I avoid after HSG test?

After your procedure

It is normal to have spotting or light bleeding. If you experience excessive bleeding or fever at any time after the exam, notify your doctor immediately. Do not use tampons, douche or have sex for 24 hours after the test. You can take ibuprofen or Tylenol for cramps if needed.

Can you conceive same cycle as HSG?

The main thing here is: There are studies that show that if the tubes are flushed, there is a 25% higher chance of pregnancy in the next 3 months after HSG. You can try to get pregnant in the same cycle and the chance of a positive result is for the next 3 months.



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