Does Felsteel Annihilator Still Drop?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 6, 2022

Yes, you’re unlucky, and yes, it still falls. I’ve never run HFC before a few months ago and I was able to get the Annihilator a few weeks ago.

What is the drop rate for Felsteel Annihilator?

Felsteel Annihilator is a rare mount that drops from the boss Archimonde in the Hellfire Citadel raid with a 4% drop rate. Farming on your own can be a very boring and tiring task.

Does Felsteel Annihilator fly?

Like the Golem, the Felsteel Destroyer does not fly straight. It would have been great if the trajectory was similar to that of the Lightforged Warframe.

How do I get into Hellfire Citadel?

How many Fel Reavers are in Hellfire Peninsula?

Comment from 39297. FYI, There are two different fel reavers patrolling around, on different paths (east and west).

Will glacial Tidestorm be available in Shadowlands?

Blizzard has clarified that the Mythic BFA raid mounts Glacial Tide Storm and Ny’alotha All-Seer will have a 100% drop rate through the Shadowlands pre-patch.

Can you solo Hellfire Citadel?

It was actually a fun encounter, but it made it impossible to play alone. You just can’t get rid of them all because you just don’t have the speed to do it. They stay in the same places much longer.

How do you get the Ironhoof destroyer?

How do you skip Hellfire Citadel?

Is Hellfire Citadel Soloable in Shadowlands?

You can. The wall goes down within a few ammo boxes and the cannons hardly take any damage. Even on Mythic it’s easy.

Where is Seer kazal?

Where is FEL Lord Zakuun?

Fel Lord Zakuun is a boss in Hellfire Citadel in Tanaan Jungle. This boss is a gear check for the upper wing bosses.



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