Does Cabelas Sell Tannerite?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 18, 2022

Can a .22 activate Tannerite?

Shotgun rounds won’t do the trick and only one handgun round, . 22 TCM, has the ability to achieve the velocity necessary to detonate Tannerite. Once detonated, Tannerite does what explosives do: it produces a big cloud, a lot of kinetic energy, and makes a loud noise. Now Tannerite isn’t the only binary explosive.

Is Tannerite illegal in the US?

Is Tannerite legal? Tannerite is legal and largely unregulated. Tannerite is sold as a “mixing kit,” requiring the purchaser to mix the components of Tannerite together.

Can Tannerite be set off with a hammer?

In the company’s tests, says Yerger, Tannerite can only be detonated by the impact of a high-velocity bullet. A burning fuse, an electrical current, a hammer blow; none of those will work, according to him.

What caliber sets Tannerite?

How much Tannerite equals a stick of dynamite?

No more than four ounces should be used at one. “Usually they come in two or four ounce containers you’re pretty safe 100 feet away with those but two pounds you’d have to be about 300 yards probably,” says Carlson. He says two pounds of Tannerite is equivalent to two sticks of dynamite.

Why did my Tannerite not explode?

Hammer blows; drops from any height, even being shot by a lower-powered rifle, Tannerite will not ignite. Another safety feature of Tannerite is that the two components are stored separately, both being stable and will not explode until they are mixed together.

Can you ship Tannerite?

Tannerite® Brand Binary Exploding Rifle Targets are shipped with NO hazmat fees & NO credit card fees.

Will a firecracker set off Tannerite?

Tannerite is ready to go. But even then this is a very stable explosive. Tannerite cannot be set off by fire, an electronic fuse, dynamite fuse, or hitting it with a baseball bat. Tannerite requires a large caliber bullet traveling at speeds of greater than 2,000 feet per second to detonate.

How many pounds of Tannerite are in a 5 gallon bucket?

Unfortunately, they had a five-gallon bucket, so they were stuck with the maximum limit of 30 pounds of tannerite.

Does Tannerite expire?

Unfortunately, they had a five-gallon bucket, so they were stuck with the maximum limit of 30 pounds of tannerite.

How far can you hear a Tannerite explosion?

Used in larger amounts, Tannerite can be extremely dangerous. “You would probably not believe some of the stuff people do with it and somehow walk away alive,” Harris said. In his Facebook post, Coffman said he used one pound of the product. It could be heard and felt from two miles away.

Can you tape Tannerite together?

You can tape containers of Tannerite together, or stack them one of top of another.

What is the mix ratio for Tannerite?

An exploding Tannerite target consists of an 8:1 ratio of oxidizer to catalyst, which come in separate containers and are mixed and shaken together prior to use. The Tannerite patent says that, in the optimal composition, the oxidizer contains 85% ammonium nitrate powder by weight, and 15% ammonium perchlorate.



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